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Tutorial: Decorative Recycled Glass Jars

12 March 2013 9,524 views 13 Comments

by morena


Decorative Recycled Jars

I mentioned in this post that I like to stock up on the cute little birds that Dollar Tree brings out in the spring.  I've made several things with these birds, like a faux pewter dish and a jewelry tray.  Well, the birds are back for another project:  recycled decorative jars!  These adorable containers are easy and inexpensive to make, and they're perfect for gift giving or storage.

Pink Bird Jar

Project estimate:

  • Glass Jars, on hand
  • Birds, $1
  • Acrylic Flowers, $1 and up
  • Glue, one hand
  • Spray paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $2 and up

Decorative Jar Tutorial

Step one:  Clean your jars and remove the labels.  I was able to wash the label off my tomato sauce jar, but the Frappucino jar required some Goo Gone to remove the residue.

Step two:  Glue the bird onto the lid of the jar.  My birds had wire legs that I removed.

Step three:  (optional) I like to add little flowers under the bird.  It just seems to finish off the "look".  Glue the flowers in place.  I used E-6000.  Allow it to dry.

Step four:  Spray paint the bird and the lid.

Red Bird Jar


Recycled Glass Jar

I think these bird topped decorative jars would look great filled with Cadbury chocolate eggs for Easter.    Another idea is to fill them with bath salts for a pretty mother's day or teacher appreciation gift.  What else might you do with them?

Bird topped jars

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  • Barbara said:

    These are so cute. just want you to know how happy I am to have found your site! And, I voted for you guys. You are so creative!

  • Theresa said:

    Hi Morena, I am a huge fan of your bird projects & would love to make my own. However, I cannot seem to find them on the dollar tree site :-(

  • SFLAG said:

    How lovely and tasteful! Great idea for little gift jars, recycled baby food jars for instance.

  • Casey said:

    What a great idea for Spring!

  • Rene S said:

    This is really neat! I can see having one of these in the bathroom filled with cotton balls.

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  • Lois Roberson said:

    what about just spraying the lids and leaving the bird and flowers if they are a pleasing color already?

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  • Liberty said:

    What kind of spray paint did you use ? Dose it chip?

  • heather said:

    @Liberty, you can use any kind of spray paint, and it shouldn’t chip. I recommend NOT using the $1 spray paint as it takes a few coats, and doesn’t look as good. You save money in the long run with the name brand spray paint (usually about $3 a can).

  • Laura L. said:

    These are adorable. Where do you find the tiny Flowers?? I would love to make these for our home, I find them very lovely : ) These would make a beautiful wedding gift, Christmas gift. When the holidays coming soon, I am really thinking about making these, but unsure if I can find the birds in November.

    Thank you,

    Laura L.