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Tutorial: Quick Fabric Wall Art

25 March 2013 6,610 views 5 Comments

by summer

DIY Quick Wall Art

Who has been in this scenario before?  Your walking through Dollar Store and you children find something they can't live without.  It's only a dollar so you say ok.  Then it sits in the bag for months until you finally decided to give it to Goodwill, throw it away or reinvent it.  The latest must-have for my children were some mounted canvas wall picture they could color themselves.  With a little fabric and Mod Podge, I now have new art for my bathroom.

Quick DIY Wall Art

Project estimate:

  • Fabric, on hand or $1 and up
  • Wall coloring art, $1 each
  • Mod Podge, on hand

Total: $1 and up

Quick DIY Wall Art

First cut the fabric to fit pictures leaving enough on the edges to fold over.

Quick DIY Wall Art

Next spread Mod Podge evenly over the entire surface including sides.

Quick DIY Wall Art

Finally place fabric over pictures and smooth down.  Work the fabric from the middle to the sides to release any bubbles. For the edges smooth over by pinching corners and then snip the left over fabric.

DIY Quick Wall Art

Now its ready to hang any where you need a little extra color.  Optionally, you can also add embellishments at this point to give it a little more personality.

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  • Fran Galvin said:

    These are really nifty and I would like to give some as gifts due to living on SS. My question is, what do you use to hang them?

  • Fran Galvin said:

    Please notify me with your answer.

    Thank you.

  • LauraW said:

    Hi Fran :) I can answer that. Because the way the canvas boxes are made you can simply use a nail. Or those removable picture hooks.

  • Fran said:

    Thank you Laura. Can you believe that I actually forgot what I asked?
    I had to go back and look it up. Oh well, that’s old age for ya.

  • Jen said:

    Ooh that kid’s wall coloring art is a great idea! I hassled with cutting out 12 squares of foam board and it was messy and unpleasant.