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Tutorial: Refill a Journal

7 March 2013 2,184 views 3 Comments

by summer

Tutorial: Refill a Journal

My son is crazy about Phineas and Ferb. We were doing our what seems like daily trip to the Dollar Store and he almost jumped out of the cart when he saw this little Phineas and Ferb journal. Like all 4-year-olds it was used up with in a day, and the tears started flowing when I told him it was all used up and we'd have to throw it away. Me being the fix it mommy I am decided I can totally fix this. With a hole punch and some paper the journal is new again!

Tutorial:  Refill a Journal

Project estimate:

  • Journal or notebook, $1.00
  • Notebook paper, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1
  • Paper cutter, on hand
  • Hole punch, on hand

Total Cost: $1.00 and up

Tutorial: Refill a Journal

First, remove all the used paper from the inside. It is very easy to pull apart.

Tutorial: Refill a Journal

Next separate the front and back. Cut close to the edge and remove the binding area.

Tutorial: Refill a Journal

Punch holes two inches from the ends. Make sure the punch right side so they fit together in the end. Cut the paper to fit the inside and punch as well.

Tutorial: Refill a Journal

Lastly place ribbon through the holes and secure with a bow. You can also use rings or many other types of material to secure your journal. The great thing now is every time they use up the page you simply take it apart and refill. I saved a few of the pages for scrapbooking because they were too cute to throw away.

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  • Serena said:

    What a clever way to reuse and upcycle a notebook or journal you once loved! You could also do that with the hard covers of old books to make your own unique journal.

  • Amy said:

    Great idea! You could even use old paper that was printed on one side. My dad used to bring home old printouts (reports I guess?) that were cut in half and stapled on one side, and they made great scratch/drawing/doodling paper.

  • Nicole said:

    What a super mom you are! (: