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Make Melted Bead Jewelry

4 April 2013 30,587 views 3 Comments

by rhonda

Make Melted Bead Jewelry

There are some craft supplies that I have a hard time using to make grown-up looking crafts.  Pony beads are one of those supplies; I look at them and all I can see is the lizard-shaped keychains I learned how to make a summer camp when I was ten.  And despite the fact that I never actually use them in my crafting, somehow there is still a huge Ziploc full of them in my stash, always taunting me.  Do you know the feeling?  Wondering what to do with those darn things?  Here is a great idea from Desiree at The 36th Avenue that is as easy as it is cute.  She and her girls melted some beads to create bright, cheerful jewelry!  [how to make melted bead jewelry]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic pony beads, on hand or $1
  • Oven or toaster oven, on hand
  • Jewelry findings, on hand or $1 and up
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total:  Free and up

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  • Sherri Osborn said:

    What a great idea, I love it! I also have a collection of pony beads that I rarely use – until now. :-)

  • The CraftStar said:

    These look so easy and fun to do! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ruth said:

    Very colorful. I have a lot of pony beads, too. Thinking about trying this idea soon.