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Tutorial: Easy Leather Journals

20 May 2013 6,547 views 4 Comments

by samantha

Make easy leather journals

Make easy leather-covered journals using thrift store leather and dollar store notebooks. This simple project can make a unique gift and is quick enough to make for a group such as teachers or a bridal party.

Project estimate:

  • Lined journal, $1
  • Cardstock (or old report holder), on hand
  • New or recycled leather, on hand or $1 and up
  • Spray adhesive, on hand or about $3 and up

Total: $1 and up

Make easy leather journals

Using a straight edge and craft knife, cut away the cover from your dollar store journal.

Make easy leather journals

If you are using thick or stiff leather, use the removed cover as your template. Trace around it onto the leather using tailor's chalk.

Make easy leather journals

If you are using soft leather, the journal will look better if the cover is trimmed to the same size as the paper inside. So open the paper pages inside the journal and trace around the paper to make a template. (Optional: You can leave one edge of the leather raw and uneven for a rustic-looking journal.)

Make easy leather journals

Cut out the leather with a rotary cutter if possible. Otherwise a straight edge and knife will do.

Trim your cardstock into two pieces that are double the size of one sheet of paper. (When folded in half, they will be the same size as the paper.) These will be your end sheets.

Make easy leather journals

Using spray adhesive, glue one side of each end sheet to the front and back of the paper journal. Center paper over the leather cover. Use fabric glue or a similar flexible glue to glue the spine of the paper to the leather. Then use spray adhesive to glue the cardstock to the leather.  Place something flat and heavy on top of your journal and allow it to dry.

Make easy leather journals

You can use scraps of leather to embellish the journal with a latch, a tie or a bookmark.

Make easy leather journals

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  • Michelle L said:

    Wow, great tutorial! You make it look easy, and using the two folded pieces of cardstock is SO smart – would never have come up with such a simple method to create the cover. Thanks!!!

  • Doris said:

    Did the leather come from the dollar store? If not, what are some sources to find this? It would make a great Father’s Day gift. We made the dry erase board for Mother’s Day.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  • heather said:

    @Doris, you will not find leather at a dollar store. Best sources are by recycling leather clothing you find at the thrift store or garage sales.