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Tutorial: Mason Jar Cups

12 June 2013 14,228 views 7 Comments

by summer

Tutorial: Mason Jar Mugs

At our school we do an adopt-a-teacher program.  I got the best teacher ever.  She loves crafty things just like me so blessing her was so fun and easy.  When I was at the dollar store I noticed they are carrying mason jars.  I had seen a post on Pinterest where they put handles on mason jars to make really cute cups.  This was a very easy craft that anyone can do!

Tutorial: Mason Jar Mugs

Project estimate:

  • Mason jar, $1 and up
  • E6000 glue, on hand
  • Handle, $1 and up

Total: $2 and up

Tutorial: Mason Jar Mugs

Before you start make sure you jar is clean and dry.  It's important because you want to make sure you glue will stick well.  Using the E6000 fill the tips of the handles as shown in the photo. Try not to over fill them because it will run over when you place it on jar and will give a messy look.  Once you have done both sides you are ready to place on jar.

Tutorial: Mason Jar Mugs

You will place the handle differently depending on the size.  I tried to center it as best as possible.  This may be tricky because the jar curves on the top and bottom and if your handle is long you may go over the curve a little.  Leave the jar on its side until the glue dries.  It would be awful if the handle slipped and dried in the wrong place.

Tutorial: Mason Jar Mugs

Once the jar is dry you can embellish as you like.  I used a little torn fabric to give it a country look.

**I did not test washing this in the dish washer.  I would hand wash only just to be safe.**

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  • kim mankel said:

    I love it 4-h project here we go!!!!!!

  • Roxie Moreland said:

    Love this idea! Thanks!

  • Michelle L said:

    Those look amazing, must try!!!

  • monique said:

    I am going to do this will the many pasta sauce bottles I have. Then use them for outdoor dining aka BBQ.

  • carissa said:

    I love the idea of gluing drawer handles onto jars to make cups!

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