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Make a Book Page Ring

17 January 2014 2,849 views 2 Comments

by rhonda

Make a Book Page Ring

Paper is one of the most amazing craft supplies there is.  No, really!  It's inexpensive, easily accessible, and simple to manipulate in many different ways.  Take, for instance, this book page ring by Adrianne at Crafts Unleashed.  Awesome, right?  She used Hard Coat Mod Podge to seal the ring, making it durable enough to withstand day-to-day wear.  You could use any pretty papers you have on hand to make this project, and you could even use this technique to create other paper jewelry as well, such as pendants or earrings!  [how to make a book page ring]

Project estimate:

  • Book pages or other paper, on hand
  • Sandpaper, on hand or $1
  • Hard Coat Mod Podge, about $7
  • Alcohol ink (optional), about $3

Total:  about $7 and up

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  • Heather Walter said:

    Mod Podge is one of those things that I always mean to try, but then when I get to the store and see it on the shelf, I suddenly feel cheap and don’t get it. This project just proves to me that I need to take the plunge!

  • rhonda (author) said:

    Do it! You won’t regret it. And if you go to any of the major craft stores to pick it up, look for a coupon (Micheals usually has one for 40% off of any one item) to make it a little cheaper. It’s worth it, though, and a bottle of it will last you through many projects!