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Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Candy Dish

20 January 2014 5,333 views 3 Comments

by rhonda

dollar store valentine candy dish

Hellooooooooo all you Dollar tree crafter peeps!  My name is Debbie and you can find me over at Debbiedoo's, where I craft lots of budget friendly home decor ideas.  I love all things burlap, spray paint, Mod Podge and  - this goes without saying, but I will - I love Dollar tree!  Today, I am sharing how to make a dollar store Valentine candy dish.  Easy peasy as I always say!

dollar store valentine candy dish

Project estimate:

  • Glass plate, $1
  • Candlestick, $1
  • Tissue paper, on hand or $1
  • Sparkle Mod Podge, on hand or about $5

Total: about $2 and up

Dollar store valentine candy dish

First trace your clear plate on the tissue paper to size the plate.  Then, Mod Podge the bottom of the plate as shown.  I used sparkle Mod Podge, though you could always substitute regular Mod Podge if that is what you have on hand.

dollar store valentine candy dish

 Adhere the tissue paper gently to the bottom and smooth out wrinkles.  (Ahh if only we could apply this to our faces!)  I then hot glued the little plate on top of the glass candlestick.

dollar store valentine candy dish

You now I have a cute valentine candy dish.

dollar store valentine candy dish

As you can see I glittered up the candle stick, in this case I used both sparkle Mod Podge and some diamond dust.

dollar stre valentine candy dish

Say Happy Valentine's day to the one you love with a personalized candy dish.  Don't forget to add something sweet on top!

Dollar Tree valentine candy dish

Thanks for having me over today Heather!

Sweet Kiss

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  • Betty819 said:

    Debbie, this is so cute..I went to Value Village store today and I didn’t get all over the store because my DH was tiring out and also his legs were hurting him. I saw some candle holders like that and I should have bought them. That tissue paper with hearts is so pretty..I don’t get out shopping much anymore, do they have tissue paper that can be used for other holidays too? What size clear plate did you use? Never used ModPodge but would like to try some projects. Clipboards, this project..mind’s going blank..what other uses would it have?

  • debbiedoos said:

    Hi Betty, sorry just seeing this now. You can use any tissue paper per any season you would like. The clear plate I found would be the size of a dessert plate. You will love working with mod podge! It’s fun, fast and really neat effect when dried. In my opinion, there are no mistakes, just go with it. You can cut the paper to size or in strips, whatever look you want to achieve.