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Make a Mosaic Flamingo

8 March 2014 11,315 views 2 Comments

by rhonda

Dollar Store Mosaic Flamingo

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about garden projects! We're big fans of the ol' classic pink plastic flamingos, so it's no surprise that we love this quirky mosaic flamingo by Lucy at Lucy Designs. Starting with a plain flamingo, you can make your own with a few tiles, a little grout, a fair amount of time, and lots of patience. It takes a while to get all of those tiles on there, but the results are well worth the effort! [make a mosaic flamingo]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic flamingo, $1
  • Mosaic tiles, about $3 and up
  • Glue, on hand
  • Grout, about $3 and up

Total: about $7 and up

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  • sherriseri said:

    This is just too cute! I have to look for this flamingo in stores?? Was this in the Dollar Tree, or what other dollar store??

  • Lucy Designs said:

    Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it! I got mine from Dollar Tree