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[1 Jan 2017 | 5 Comments | 389 views]
A Wreath a Day: Is She Crazy?

I’ve made a new commitment for 2017: I am going to make a wreath a day for the entire year! That’s 365 wreaths, and I am gonna make them all!
First I want to tell you about the rules I have laid out for myself:

I will make 365 wreaths this year
I will focus on using materials I already have in my stash (read: my full garage …

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[6 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on A Wreath a Day #2: Grapevine & Berries | 3,159 views]
A Wreath a Day #2: Grapevine & Berries

Thanks to reader Joanna from To a Pretty Life who submitted this pretty grapevine wreath. I just love berries, don’t you? I think the berries and pine cones are a charming combination. This is simple and classy, and you can do this project in just a few minutes! [click here for the two dollar grapevine wreath]
Project Estimate:

Grapevine wreath, on hand or $1
Berry and Pinecone garland, …

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[9 Dec 2015 | One Comment | 1,203 views]
Make a Yarn Pom Pom Holiday Wreath

How sweet is this yarn pom pom wreath? Jess at Make & Do Crew f0und a reindeer-adorned wreath form and transformed it with lovely, fuzzy textures. Even if you can’t find the special reindeer wreath form, you can still enjoy this cozy aspect of this look with any wreath form – even a circle of cardboard from the recycling bin! Use different weights of yarn …

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[4 Feb 2014 | 3 Comments | 3,524 views]
Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Dollar Store Wreath

I decided I wanted a Valentine’s Day wreath this year.  I’ve never been a big wreath person, but Pinterest can change a girl.  I wasn’t sure exactly how my wreath would look, I just knew I wanted it to be big, bold, and red.
I headed to Dollar Tree and just started picking up red Valentine items that “spoke” to me.  I liked the sparkly garland, …

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[30 Jan 2014 | 2 Comments | 4,998 views]
10 Stash-Busting Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Need a Valentine’s Day wreath to decorate your front door? These beautiful wreaths use recycled material to save a little money without sacrificing even an ounce of cuteness.

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[19 Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | 28,364 views]
Make a Valentine’s Day Rose Wreath

With its soft, pink flowers and angular square shape, this Valentine’s Day wreath by Nicole at Thrifty Decorating is full of lovely and unexpected juxtaposition.   The technique for making the flowers in pretty simple and straight-forward; if you don’t have the time or patience to make enough of them to cover a whole wreath, she also offers a list of smaller, quicker projects using …

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[13 Dec 2008 | 4 Comments | 12,728 views]
Make a Holiday Button Wreath Picture

I found this cute button wreath on Better Homes & Gardens’ website and it is a great dollar store craft! Everyone has a stash of buttons (don’t they??). With the addition of some pretty fabric and a dollar store frame, you can make a holiday work of art suitable for decorating your home or giving as a gift. If you used small frames to make …

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[6 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Mardi Gras Mermaid Wreath | 127 views]
Mardi Gras Mermaid Wreath

Today I’m excited to share my latest wreath, made with Mardi Gras beads, seashells, and a little mermaid glitter! Would you like to make a Mardi Gras Mermaid Wreath too? Read on for instructions.
This article contains affiliate links.
Wreath a Day #6: Mardi Gras Mermaid Wreath

I have had these pretty seashells in my stash for a few months. I bought them because I thought it would …

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[5 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Turquoise & Red Valentine Heart Wreath | 199 views]
Turquoise & Red Valentine Heart Wreath

I have a lot of random jewelry components in my Craft Hoarder’s Paradise™ (aka, my garage), so I’ve been dipping into that stash to create my latest wreaths. For today’s wreath, I used a color palette I’m very fond of (turquoise and red) to create a small fun and funky wreath that has a bit of a folk art/Scandinavian flavor: a Red & Turquoise Valentine …

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[4 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Novelty Yarn & Gemstone Wreath | 217 views]
Novelty Yarn & Gemstone Wreath

Have you every succumbed to the siren’s song of novelty yarn? Today’s wreath project answers the age-old question “Now that I bought this novelty yarn that looked so cool in the store, what the heck will I do with it?” In an attempt to use the stuff in my stash, I created this Novelty Yarn Wreath, covered with plastic gemstones, and full of a kaleidoscope …