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[19 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 49 views]
Make a Bird Nest Necklace

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and that includes baby birdies!  Celebrate the season with Heather’s stylized bird nest necklace over at Live Craft Love.  She used freshwater pearls for her “eggs”, but you can use any beads you happen to have on hand.

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[15 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 309 views]
Tutorial: Recycled Sunglasses Case

Recycle a Crystal Light canister into a handy sunglasses case or eyeglasses case – just add cute contact paper. For all of those Crystal Light lovers out there who can’t bear to throw away the empty containers. check out Heather’s fun stop motion how-to video! Or if videos aren’t your thing, keep scrolling for photos and written directions.
Project estimate:

Empty Crystal Light container, on hand
Contact paper, …

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[5 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 382 views]
Make Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelets

Whether it’s a favorite quote, a few lines of poetry, or a love letter, these fabric-wrapped bracelets are a fun, easy way to make meaningful accessories.  Heather made these over at iLoveToCreate using fabric scraps and dollar store plastic bracelets.  They would make a wonderful group activity or gift.  You could even make a Mother’s Day version as an inexpensive classroom activity!  [how to make …

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[2 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 725 views]
10 Cute Ways to Decorate a Plain Tote Bag

Do you have a bunch of old tote bags in your stash, like I do? So many events give out free canvas totes right now, and I can’t resist them. Some of them already have awesome art on them, but for plain old totes, they could use an upgrade for spring. Here are some cute ways to embellish a plain tote bag from your stash.

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[1 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 287 views]
Tutorial: Kitty Face Shoes

Give your shoes a temporary kitty makeover! Heather used electrical tape to make adorable cat faces on the toes of a pair of plain flats to dress them up. This is a great way to add a little bit of fun to your outfit, while still leaving your favorite flats wearable for other occasions. When you’re done, simply peel off the tape …

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[23 Mar 2015 | Comments Off | 280 views]
Tutorial: Make a Bunny Headband for Easter or Your Dress Up Bin!

Whether you have a little one around your house who would like playing dress up with a mini bunny top hat, or you want one for yourself to dress up for Easter (you’re never too old!), this bunny headband is a super fun project. You can even substitute some of the store-bought materials for things out of the recycling bin, making this not only adorable but affordable too!

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[11 Mar 2015 | One Comment | 592 views]
Tutorial: Paper Towel Roll Cuff Bracelet

Heather recently ordered a mega awesome mystery box full of all kinds of fun jewelry making stuff.  And ever since, she’s been on on a roll with DIY accessories!  For this project, she created a recycled cuff bracelet out of a recycled cardboard tube and some washi tape.  It would be a great craft to do with kids!  Watchthe video below to see how to make …

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[9 Mar 2015 | One Comment | 794 views]
Tutorial: St. Patrick’s Day Headband

Have you seen the long, skinny scarves that Dollar Tree had for St. Patrick’s Day the last couple of years?  I realized that they are absolutely perfect for making fabric flowers, which inspired me to make this fun headband!  If you can’t find these scarves (the best seasonal stuff usually sells out pretty quick), then you can also substitute any long, skinny strip of fabric.
Project …

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[8 Mar 2015 | One Comment | 690 views]
Tutorial: Button Shamrock Pin

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching – steer clear of those pinching fingers by wearing this cute shamrock pin!  Dig into your button jar and try this great stashbusting project; once you master the technique, you can also use it to make all kinds of other shapes as well!

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[7 Mar 2015 | Comments Off | 736 views]
Lucky Horseshoe Bracelet

Did you know you can get some basic jewelry-making supplies at the dollar store? They usually have pliers and wire cutters, which are really useful for various jewelry-making situations. Sometimes they also stock jewelry making basics like jump rings, clasps, chain, earring wires, etc. I love making jewelry, so I recently shared a very basic jewelry project over at Live.Craft.Love: a lucky horseshoe bracelet. The …