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[22 Feb 2015 | No Comment | 175 views]
Make a Dress Up Crown from Old Jeans

What do you do when you have worn out a pair of jeans? If you’re like me, you put them in a basket for future crafting purposes . If you’re even more like me, you might have a few pairs in that basket but no solid plan, ahem. Clean out your scrap basket by turning old denim and scraps into this cute play crown from Creative …

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[21 Feb 2015 | No Comment | 503 views]
Tutorial: Faux Cupcakes

If you enjoyed my recent faux cake slices, you’ll also love these decorative cupcakes!  It’s easy to make these in batches, so they would make great place card holders or party favors.

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[20 Feb 2015 | No Comment | 626 views]
Make a Mini Book Necklace

I love reading, so I made this mini book necklace to show my bookworm side. It turned out SO CUTE and is super easy to make, with an inexpensive pack of Miniature Books from Darice. I show how to make the necklace over at Live.Craft.Love so hop on over there to find out how: [how to make a diy book lover necklace]
Project Materials:

Darice Miniature Books
18? …

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[19 Feb 2015 | One Comment | 675 views]
10 Unicorn Crafts for Magical Crafting Adventures

Who says that unicorns are just for kids? These free unicorn craft ideas would work well for kids or for grown ups. Get your magical unicorn rainbow craft on, y’all.

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[18 Feb 2015 | No Comment | 449 views]
Tutorial: Easy Ring Craft (Designed by My 8 year-old!)

My eight year old son Lewis and I were playing with jewelry making supplies we got in my recent epic jewelry haul, and he designed this simple ring. He shows you how to make it in this quick video!
Project Materials:

Ring blank, $1
Embellishments, $1
Industrial glue, $1

Total: $3

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[17 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 227 views]
Tutorial: Cloud Wall Art Sign

In addition to the dollar stores, I love to hunt the dollar bins at Michael’s craft stores.  The bins near the register are usually priced $1.50 per item, and there’s another section of the store with items that are arranged by collection and the prices range from $1-5.  These are great places to find little embellishments for projects and fun party favor items.  On my …

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[16 Feb 2015 | One Comment | 524 views]
Tutorial: Enameled Bottle Cap Charms

Recycle bottle caps into “enameled” charms or pendants! All it takes is a bottle cap, some nail polish, and some small embellishments. Glue a jump ring to the back of the bottle cap to make a place to hang it, or mount it on a ring blank, or use them however you wish!
Project estimate:

Bottle caps, on hand
Nail polish, on hand or $1 and up
Embellishments, on …

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[15 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 192 views]
Make Simple Instagram Notecards

Heather recently had a chance to hang out with the folks from HP and see all of their latest photo printing technology, including an app that lets you send your Instagram photos right to your printer!  Pretty spiffy, eh?  She used her printed Instagram photos to make adorable note cards – this one has a Valentine theme, but you can change up the colors and …

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[14 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 504 views]
Tutorial: Faux Sponge Cake

Have you ever wished for a piece of cake that had no calories?  Well, wish no more!  Believe it or not, these slices of cake are actually made out of ordinary household sponges.  They would make great gifts or party decorations.  Or use them as treats for a make-believe tea party!

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[13 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 535 views]
Haul Video: Daiso, the Japanese Dollar Store

Did you know that there is a Japanese equivalent of the dollar store? It’s called Daiso, and everything there is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. I’d heard for a long time that Daiso was amazing, so last month when I was visiting California for a big crafty trade show, I met up with Tanner and Courtney from A Little Craft In Your Day and we went …