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[2 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 4,618 views]
Make Solar Light Deck Decor

I love this upgrade given to some humble solar lights. I think it looks like something straight out of a nautical decor catalog. The writers of The 100 Block used fence posts and 4×4 scraps to work their magic. This would be awesome on a porch or even in the living room of a beach cottage.

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[2 Aug 2013 | 3 Comments | 4,988 views]
Tutorial: Poly Rope Fringe Necklace

Jazz up your summer t-shirts with ease with these fringe style necklaces. You can make them for as little as $1 each using a basic dollar store supply or add embellishment for a few dollars more. These necklaces can mimic the look of raffia and the shape of spike beads but cost much less to make than a beaded or raffia necklace.
Project estimate:

Poly rope, …

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[25 May 2013 | No Comment | 1,851 views]
Make a Rope Lamp

A basic floor lamp is pretty inexpensive – nearly every thrift store or yard sale has one – but they can be awfully bland. Want to give yours a little more personality? To go with her son’s nautical themed room, Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage use some rope and a surprising secret ingredient to give her lamp a makeover. Would you guess …

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[8 May 2013 | One Comment | 4,746 views]
Make Embroidered Sunglasses

If you don’t own a Dremel, there are a million reasons why you should, and this is one of them.  Erica from Honestly WTF was inspired by the work of a Russian designer; knowing she would likely never even have a chance to own a designer pair like the ones she saw on the runway, she whipped up her own version instead.  This is granny …

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[4 May 2013 | 3 Comments | 4,757 views]
Tutorial: Designer-Inspired Flower Pots

Have we mentioned lately how much we love pretty flower pots?  They’re such a fun way to add personality to a space, both indoors and outdoors.  But the prettiest and fanciest of the flower pots always cost more.  Love the look but don’t have the spare cash to throw around on planters?  Grab some plain, inexpensive pots and give them a makeover instead!  (The bonus?  …

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[29 Apr 2013 | No Comment | 2,171 views]
Make a Designer-Inspired Plate Collage

Maybe you’re looking for a way to use those lovely but mismatched plates that are hiding at the back of your cupboard or you couldn’t resist at the thrift shop.  Maybe you really need a little something different to hang on that big, blank wall.  Maybe you’re looking for a way to hang that poster you bought without making your house look like a dorm …

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[24 Feb 2013 | One Comment | 2,965 views]
Give Dollar Store Jewelry a Makeover

Have you entered our giveaway for a copy of Mark Montano’s new book, The Big Ass Book of Bling?  (If you haven’t, make sure you check it out!)  If you’re curious about what kind of projects are in the book, Mark gave a nifty sneak peek on his YouTube channel with this episode of his web series, Make Your Mark.  Here he shows how to …

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[11 Feb 2013 | 4 Comments | 9,010 views]
Tutorial: Easy, Designer-Inspired Cuff Bracelet

Celebrate New York Fashion Week with a DIY designer-inspired cuff bracelet!  This easy DIY was inspired by a $400 Michael Kors cuff and uses an unexpected material – a can. You can completely customize this cuff bracelet with different papers or fabrics.

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[6 Jan 2013 | One Comment | 3,424 views]
Make Baroque-Inspired Sunglasses

Looking to make a big fashion statement but don’t have a big budget to make it happen?  Check this out!  Donatella from Inspiration & Realisation kept seeing baroque-inspired designer specs that she absolutely loved, but being designer pieces they were a little bit out of her price range.  With a little ingenuity and some polymer clay, she transformed inexpensive sunglasses and reading glasses into these DIY …

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[22 Nov 2012 | 9 Comments | 6,144 views]
Tutorial: Chunky Black and Gold Chain Necklace

Make an easy chunky chain necklace using items from your craft stash. This necklace was inspired by one seen in a street fashion photo from New York Fashion Week that appeared on NYMag.com. I already had some black chunky resin chain on hand but it seemed to lack something. The simple gold ring makes the necklace.
Project estimate:

Black resin chain, about $2 and up
Gold O ring, …