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[16 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Make Cupcake Liner Trees | 725 views]
Make Cupcake Liner Trees

Embellish your gift wrapping, handmade holiday cards, and more with these adorable little cupcake liner trees! Katrina at Splash of Something whipped them up out of some basic supplies. You could decorate these as much or as little as you want – stay simple and make plain trees, add some glitter for “snow”, glue on beads, buttons, or pompoms to create ornaments – the possibilities …

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[14 Dec 2015 | 2 Comments | 707 views]
Tutorial: Faux Succulent Sleigh Holiday Centerpieces

This is one of those ideas that just came together serendipitously, and I love how these little succulent-filled sleighs turned out. Ever since they started selling faux succulents in the floral department at Dollar Tree I’ve been keeping an eye out for things I could fill with them. Over the course of the summer I kept coming across little sleigh-shaped baskets, and I knew they’d …

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[11 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Make a Textured Stone Reindeer | 775 views]
Make a Textured Stone Reindeer

Adding a bit of interesting texture to your holiday decor doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just look at this simple project by Aniko at Place of My Taste, who embellished a foam reindeer shape with a bag of dollar store rocks! This basic idea could be extended to other shapes made from other materials as well, giving new life to just about anything …

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[9 Dec 2015 | One Comment | 941 views]
Make a Yarn Pom Pom Holiday Wreath

How sweet is this yarn pom pom wreath? Jess at Make & Do Crew f0und a reindeer-adorned wreath form and transformed it with lovely, fuzzy textures. Even if you can’t find the special reindeer wreath form, you can still enjoy this cozy aspect of this look with any wreath form – even a circle of cardboard from the recycling bin! Use different weights of yarn …

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[7 Dec 2015 | One Comment | 1,259 views]
Make Stuffed Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are a fun novelty, but they typically have a short lifespan. But that isn’t the case with these balloon-animal-inspired plushes! With a little bit of cleverly-sew fabric, Angie at Little Inspiration whipped up these adorable little guys that are completely deflate proof. And much more cuddly than the actual balloon variety!

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[4 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Make a Felt Donut Ornament | 460 views]
Make a Felt Donut Ornament

This felt donut ornament will make such a sweet addition to your Christmas tree! Holly at Revamperate stitched it up with a few basic supplies that you may even be able to dig out of your scrap pile. Know somebody with an insatiable sweet tooth? This would also make a fun gift or package decoration!

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[2 Dec 2015 | One Comment | 1,072 views]
Make Pipe Cleaner Cone Trees

How cute is this pipe cleaner cone tree? Sharon at Crafts ‘n Coffee used pipe cleaners to cover a Styrofoam cone with a beautiful, swirly pattern. This project is easy enough to do with the kids, and adds a fun, whimsical touch to your holiday decor. Also e sure to check out her Festival of Trees, featuring lots of ideas for creating Christmas trees out of …

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[1 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Make a Twine and Pom Pom Garland | 868 views]
Make a Twine and Pom Pom Garland

The other day when I was at Dollar Tree I noticed something exciting – they now carry baker’s twine! Next time you are there, grab a package of it plus some pom poms and make this super easy Christmas garland. I shared the full directions over at Mrs. Greene – including an adorable photobombing by one of my cats. (As if a cute craft wasn’t reason …

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[29 Nov 2015 | One Comment | 1,165 views]
Make a DIY Pinecone Wreath

Here’s a stunning and cheap Christmas decor craft you can make with stuff from the dollar store, or gathered from your yard: a Pinecone Wreath. I found this amazing idea over at the Consumer Crafts Blog, Crafts Unleashed. You can also find the instructions in ConsumerCrafts.com’s holiday lookbook, that contains ideas and great craft supplies for discounted prices! [instructions for pinecone wreath]
You can also find …

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[28 Nov 2015 | Comments Off on Make Rope and Tassel Baskets | 992 views]
Make Rope and Tassel Baskets

These boho-chic rop baskets look like something you might see in a fancy boutique, but they are actually a very cheap and easy DIY! Over at I Heart Organizing, Aniko shares the how-to for this simple project, which uses just a couple of basic supplies. All you need it rope, hot glue, yarn, and a little patience! 

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[27 Nov 2015 | Comments Off on Make a Burlap & Lace Pocket Vase | 80 views]
Make a Burlap & Lace Pocket Vase

This burlap and lace pocket vase is a cute and easy way to give the gift of flowers or greenery to friends and family for the holidays. It takes just minutes to make, and you can use any lace or ribbons you have on hand. Check out the instructions at Live.Craft.Love: [burlap & lace pocket]