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Healthy Snack Valentine Printables

Free printables for apple sauce squeeze pouches, oranges, and juice boxes.

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Make Metallic Striped Candle Holders

I love tall white candles. But sometimes they are so….plain. Luckily, it’s nothing a little masking tape and spray paint can’t fix! Sara from Pop Sugar dressed up these plain candles with different pattern to give them some real personality!  The variety of colors and patterns that you can put together with this idea give it nearly endless possibilities, making it easy to work them …

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Make a DIY Cupcake Cloche

I love covered cake plates. Of course, everything you love is even better when it is in miniature! This darling cupcake cloche stand from Refresh Restyle is not only adorable but will save you big money over buying one of these in a store! It’s the perfect way to make dessert extra special. [how to make a gold glass cupcake cloche]
Project estimate:

Glass candle plate, $1 …

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Make Confetti Sticks

I have a love/hate relationship with confetti.  At the right place and time (and with the proper vacuum attachments), confetti is a fun addition to a celebration.  But storing it, and distributing it for throwing, can be just as messy as the aftermath.  Eliminate some of the mess with these confetti sticks from Jessica at Best Friends for Frosting!   Each stick is filled with a …

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10 Stash-Busting Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Need a Valentine’s Day wreath to decorate your front door? These beautiful wreaths use recycled material to save a little money without sacrificing even an ounce of cuteness.

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Make Cement Valentine Hearts

Looking for a non-candy Valentine trinket idea that’s a little more on the grown up side?  Check out these cement conversation hearts from Chelsea at Lovely Indeed!  This is yet another of the million-and-one uses we’ve seen for those silicone ice cube trays that they have for each season at Dollar Tree, and the resulting heart makes a nice little bauble to decorate your desk.  …

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Tutorial: DIY Jewelry Organizer with Plastic Canvas

When I saw these sweet unfinished wood hearts in the Valentine section at Michael’s, I bought them without knowing what I’d do with them.  I really don’t need anymore frames, but I could use a lot of help getting organized.  That’s when I decided to turn it into an earring holder.  Instead of the usual chicken wire, I opted to use plastic canvas, which can …

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Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Infinity Scarf

Every time the holidays change, I make a point of visiting Dollar Tree to see what’s new for the season.  This year I spotted something that I was instantly drawn to: lightweight fabric scarves.  They were obviously made of cheap materials and weren’t much of anything special on their own, but I had a feeling that with a little DIY they could be transformed into …

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Make Felt Animal Envelopes

One of my favorite cheap craft supplies is felt. My local store has a price break when you buy three sheets, so every time I go in needing a sheet of one color I come out with two extras. Which, of course, has added up to quite a large felt stash over the years. So, what can you do with felt? Well, Eva at Handmade …

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Make Milk Jug Rings

For the resourceful jewelry maker, nearly anything can be turned into a wearable piece of art.  For example, take these rings from Leslie at Pink Stripey Socks that were cut out of an empty milk jug!  She shows just how easy it is to come up with your own whimsical ring designs – it’s simple enough that it would make a good project for older …

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Make Leather Drawer Pulls

Maybe you found a piece of discarded furniture on the side of the road that you brought home to give a makeover.  Maybe you are just looking for a change to spruce up your existing cabinetry.  Whatever the reason you’re looking for new hardware, one thing is for certain: knobs and pulls can get expensive, especially the more unique styles!  Grace at Design Sponge found …