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Make a Scoop from a Milk Jug (and 6 other creative ways to reuse milk jugs)

Milk jugs are one of those items that are super easy to recycle without a second thought. If you can give it new life before plunking it in the recycling bin you save energy and reduce pollution even more! Heather teaches us how to transform a discarded milk jug into a useful scoop on Home Made Simple. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to …

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Make Easy Porch Lights

Whether you want to mark a dark sidewalk for evening guests, add a little ambiance to a night on the patio, or just add some quick curb appeal, these cheap and easy lights might be just the right solution! Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts made them with mason jars and flameless tealight candles. Don’t have mason jars on hand? Dig into the …

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Make Dinosaur Playdough Storage Jars

Playdough can be a messy thing. In addition to making a mess while playing, you also have to deal with the question of where to store it. Plastic bags rip and tear, plastic containers crack. Glass baby food jars are a good size but oh-so-boring. Boring, that is, until Kristi from Lolly Jane got her hands on some and transformed them into adorable color-coded kid storage. …

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Make a Cute Dry Erase To-Do List

I’m always at a loss as to what to get teachers for teacher appreciation day. I want to give them something useful but not something that they already have a bajillion of (mugs, anyone?). This dry erase board I wrote about on Creative Green Living is useful and multi-functional. You can even make it with magnets so they can take it home and use it on their fridge …

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Tutorial: Dollhouse Charcoal Grill

Hello there! I’m Lindsey from toddlindsey.com. (I know, how original, right?) I’m an art teacher that spends ALL my free time crafting, cooking, baking, making miniatures and in general, just detoxing myself from kids and school. I love the creative process of making. Anything. I especially love when that process results in food. Or really beautiful things. Or cute things. 

I guess I should share who Todd is, …

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10 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

If you don’t watch too carefully, plastic bags seem to breed like rabbits! Since one can only use so many miniature garbage bags, it’s a good thing there are lots of great things you can do with plastic bags that are fun and even creative! Over on Home Made Simple, Heather teaches us 10 great ways to transform plastic grocery sacks into something way more awesome. [10 …

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Make Parakeet Mirror Pendant Necklaces

I was scrolling through my feed reader the other day when I stopped on a post that literally made me giggle.  How fun and funky are these necklaces?  Would you believe that they are made from parakeet mirrors?  True story!  Mich L. in L.A. has done it again, turning another mundane and unexpected item into truly fabulous jewelry.  (Don’t like the bold, bright colors of …

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Tutorial: Stay-Closed Duck Tape® Phone Wristlet

This post brought to you by Duck® Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Make a stay-closed case for your iPhone (or other smart phone) with Duck Tape®. What makes this design special? A clever (yet simple) way to keep the case closed so the phone won't slip out, no matter how much dancing you do–so grab a roll of Duck Tape and dollar store metal …

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Tutorial: Monogram Garden Flag

Who would have thought you could make your own monogram garden flag for $1.00.?  This is a super easy craft to make your home inviting.  Everyone in the neighborhood will want one!

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DIY Party Idea:  Giant Candy Decor

Birthday season is approaching in my house, and you know as well as I do that if you’re going to DIY a party, you have to start early!  My daughter likes to play the classic game of “Candyland”, which would make for a fun kid’s party theme, too.  With that in mind, I started making giant candy pieces to use for decor.

Project estimate:

Mini Paper lanterns …

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Make Giant Button Wall Art

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up your sewing room or craft studio?  Check out this wonderful idea from Mark Montano, featured in a recent edition of his web series Make Your Mark.  Would you guess at first glance that this giant button started life as a frisbee?   (And wouldn’t a few of these look awesome hanging up alongside some oversized scissor wall art?)  …