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Make Magnetic Fabric Gift Tags

Every year when I wrap Christmas gifts, I like to add some extra elements to the packaging that will serve as another little gift, like an ornament or a piece of jewelry. Over at Leigh Laurel Studios, Karin has come up with another such idea: magnetic fabric gift tags! She made hers with sheets of magnet made to send through a printer, but this would …

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Make a Hex Nut Snowflake Ornament

As a kid, I spent a lot of time at the hardware store; dad was always running there to pick up one thing or another for his endless list of projects around the house, and my brother and I often tagged along.  And ever since those days, I have been fascinated with the use for fasteners and other hardware-y tidbits as craft materials.  Over at …

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10 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have you finished making some of your handmade holiday gifts? Wrap them up in crafty style with these beautiful DIY gift wrapping ideas!

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Dollar Store Angel Ornament Craft

Need an idea for a holiday kids’ craft? Here’s a cute little dollar store craft from our friend Sophie from Sophie’s World: dollar store angel ornaments. You can find just about everything you need for this at your local dollar store, and you can personalize each angel with a unique face. [instructions for the dollar store angel ornament]
Project Materials

Pipe cleaner (gold), $1 per package
Small red …

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Dollar Store Elves:  Just as Much Fun for Elf on the Shelf

Have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf Tradition?  It’s hard not to know what it is.  It’s all over the internet with entire ebooks and Pinterest Boards devoted to elf hijinks and mischief.
The Dollar Tree has both male and female elf plush dolls you can use to have fun with your kiddos this holiday season (pictured here).  It really doesn’t matter if you …

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Tutorial: Personalized Sled Ornaments

I love personalized gifts!  I think it shows a little bit of extra thoughtfulness when someone takes the time to add your name to a gift item.  This year, I’m personalizing adorable wood sleighs that I can use as gift tags, and the recipient can use as an ornament.  These are so easy to make that you can make a dozen in one craft sitting!

Project …

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Free Printable Calendar Tea Towel – 2014 Download

Four years ago, I collaborated with Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made to design a free printable calendar. She provided the folk-art inspired calendar design, and I designed the tea towel calendar project and wrote the tutorial. I love this pretty red Scandinavian-inspired calendar design.
I have had some requests for a 2014 version, so I updated the calendar part so we could use it …

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How to Make an Ugly Sweater & Ugly Sweater Giveway!

‘Tis the Season to get ugly… with an ugly christmas sweater, that is! I was challenged to create an already-ugly sweater from UglyChristmasSweater.com into an even more ugly creation. I couldn’t say no to the challenge! Here I am modeling the ugly sweater BEFORE I got ugly-crafty with it. Also, dig the dollar store decorations in the front yard. I know how to get ugly, …

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Make a Twig Christmas Tree

We are still debating whether or not we are going to get out our Christmas tree this year.  We love to decorate it and have it around through the season, but it’s difficult to find a good space in our house for it, and our three cats see it as a big jungle gym draped in toys, so this year we might do something a …

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Make a Yarn Pom Pom Wreath

Well folks, after many years for resisting the urge to buy every beautiful skein in sight and many, many crocheted Christmas presents, I have finally brought my yarn collection down to reasonable levels.  I think it’s now safe to say I have taken it down a notch, going from “horde” to “stash”.  This, of course, means that I can think about buying new yarn now, …

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Make a Baby Handprint Ornament

A while back I was at one of my favorite independent dollar stores and I came across a bunch of little embroidery hoops.  I brought home a whole bunch of them and ever since they’ve been in the back of my mind, waiting for a project to come along.  This year I have seen a lot of great Christmas ornament ideas that use embroidery hoops!  …