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[13 Jul 2013 | 2 Comments | 3,153 views]
Make a Dinosaur Phone Tripod

My iPhone is one of my most important possessions – it goes everywhere with me and serves so many different purposes that it’s indispensable! But you know what would make it even handier? A tripod! Shannon from eat.sleep.MAKE. made one for herself using the back half of a plastic dinosaur and I could not be more delighted with her design. Not …

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[12 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 2,899 views]
Tutorial: School Spirit Centerpieces

I recently attended my 15-year class reunion – it seems crazy that it’s been that long already! As the crafty person in my graduations class, I was asks to be in charge of the decorations, and I knew that I had to knock it out of the park. The most important part of my decorating was the centerpieces for all of the tables. When I …

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[11 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 3,202 views]
Make Glitter Tattoos

You’re never too old for a glitter tattoo, right?  I got my first glitter tattoo last year at a big arts and crafts event and I loved it, and I was so bummed a couple of days later when it started to disappear.  I’ve wanted another one ever since!  The good news is, I came across a tutorial by Kathleen at Grosgrain that shows an easy …

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[10 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 5,540 views]
Make Pine Cone Roses

When I was invited to be a counselor at Carissa’s Craft Camp at Creative Green Living, I was excited about the opportunity to create something using materials found in nature! Trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided to to on a walk in the woods for inspiration; I picked up a pine cone and realized that it looked a lot …

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[10 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 3,525 views]
Tutorial: Custom Welcome Mat

Why spend over $20 for a custom door mat when you can create a one-of-a-kind mat with a quick trip to the dollar store?  Dollar Tree often stocks plain carpet mats that are perfect for giving a makeover, and with a little bit of stenciling you can make it have any image or wording you want!  (Not sure where to start on making a custom …

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[9 Jul 2013 | 8 Comments | 13,448 views]
Tutorial: Tea Cup Bird Feeder

One of my favorite movies as a child was Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  I was enchanted by the crazy antics that ensued at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and always imagined how fun it would be to happen upon an “un-birthday party” in the woods.  Now that I have my own yard, I’ve decided to create a Mad Hatter inspired garden area, where my kids …

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[8 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 6,166 views]
Make Cheap Nautical Garden Decor

Breanna from Dollar Store Mom has been on a mission this year to give her yard a little beautification with a series of inexpensive DIY projects.  She knew she wanted an anchor to hang on her gate, but all the real ones she found were out of her budget, as were the store-bought ones intended for use as lawn decorations.  Then she came across a …

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[7 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 3,588 views]
Make Beachy Mason Jar Luminaries

Even if you’re nowhere near the beach, you can bring a beachy feel into your home with projects like these mason jar luminaries by Amanda at Crafts by Amanda.  They would look as fabulous on a table on the veranda of a lakefront cottage as they would on the coffee table of a city apartment!  I love how she added sand and shells to the …

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[6 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 2,580 views]
Make a Watercolor Popsicle Stick Table Runner

When Jennifer at Hostess with the Mostess needed a table runner for a popsicle-themed baby shower, she came up with the fun and colorful idea of using popsicle sticks as table decor!  Watercolor paints give the sticks a playful, funky look, and it’s a project that is also kid-friendly.  I love how she made the runner in sections so that it was easy to transport …

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[5 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 5,022 views]
Make a No-Sew Sock Elephant

How adorable is this elephant made from a sock? And how awesome is it that this is a no-sew project? Gather up the kiddos and whip some of these guys up with a tutorial courtesy of Kirsten at One Tough Mother, who recently featured a who week of zoo-inspired kids crafts on her blog. Ho fun would it be to make these …

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[4 Jul 2013 | 3 Comments | 2,381 views]
Make a Wicker Cake Stand

Wicker is one of those classic looks that I don’t think will ever go out of style!  If you are a wicker lover, then you will absolutely fall in love with this cake stand idea from Diane at In My Own Style.  The use of wicker gives it a very picnic-y feel that is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and it brings an element of fanciness …