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[7 Aug 2013 | 6 Comments | 1,967 views]
Tutorial: Oven Mitt Shark Puppet

Happy Shark Week, crafters!! Let’s get the kids in on the sharky fun with a silly puppet I made from a dollar store oven mitt and pot holder! I had this goofy idea in my head and wasn’t totally sure it would work out as I had pictured (story of my crafty life…) but the proof of my success was when a bunch of sweet …

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[6 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 4,529 views]
Make a Toilet Paper Tube Shark Puppet

If your kids are anything like mine, they love making crafts that look like animals. Using leftover cardboard tubes as the base makes this a green project as well! Jaimee on Craft Interrupted shares how she made these great puppets with her kids. You could even take the idea a step further and mount them on dowels to make the puppets hands free for plenty …

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[6 Aug 2013 | 13 Comments | 9,893 views]
Tutorial: DIY Shark Themed Jewelry

Since it’s shark week, I have to start by sharing my shark story with you. My family was on vacation in Myrtle Beach three years ago, and my two oldest sons and I were having fun jumping in the waves together. I had one son in my arms and was holding the other’s hand as we jumped in waist deep water. At one point, I …

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[5 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 1,184 views]
Knit a Shark Attack Hat

Unless you live in Australia, the last thing anyone wants to wear in August is a knit hat. This, of course, shouldn’t stop you from making a quirky hat your shark week knitting project. Designed by Allison, The Knitting Ninja, this shark hat is perfect for men, women and children alike. [how to knit a shark hat]

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[5 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 3,270 views]
Tutorial: Sharknado Ornament

When Heather brought up the topic of Shark Week for this year, I immediately thought of one thing:  SHARKNADO.  If you didn’t see it, or at least hear the huge Internet buzz about it, Sharknado is a Syfy original movie that is being touted as the best bad film of the year.  And man-oh-man was it terrible, but in all the right ways!  It’s one …

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[4 Aug 2013 | 2 Comments | 930 views]
Make a Wooden Spoon Shark

Wooden spoon dolls are a pretty traditional craft, but have you ever seen one in the form of a shark? This project from Activity Village uses a spoon as the base for creating a cute stylized shark in a jiffy. You can even use them as puppets! To make the jaw more puppet-like, try adding a control stick under the chin to allow you to …

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[4 Aug 2013 | 3 Comments | 4,597 views]
Paint Your Nails for Shark Week

While I don’t do it every day, I love themed nail art! What better way to kick off Shark Week than by getting all gussied up for the occasion? Cass from A Dingo Ate My Nail Blog gives a great step-by-step tutorial for how to get great whites of your very own. [how to paint shark nails]

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[3 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 3,830 views]
Make Washi Tape Kitchen Jars

Does your kitchen decor need a facelift? Colleen from Just Paint It! has a quick, easy, and practical idea. After she discovered some glass jars from Dollar Tree had lids just the right width to decorate with washi tape, she ran with the idea and, after adding a little coordinating paint, ended up with a cute set of custom jars in under 15 minutes. They …

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[3 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 7,066 views]
Make Outdoor Wall Art from a Shower Curtain

Our friend Breanna, AKA Dollar Store Mom has been re-doing her outdoor living space. In true “mom on a budget” style, she’s been shopping her home to save as much money as possible. A clearance shower curtain she had on hand is her secret ingredient to making all-weather art fit to stand up to Pacific Northwest rain. [how to make all-weather outdoor wall art]
Project Estimate

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[2 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 8,477 views]
Make Solar Light Deck Decor

I love this upgrade given to some humble solar lights. I think it looks like something straight out of a nautical decor catalog. The writers of The 100 Block used fence posts and 4×4 scraps to work their magic. This would be awesome on a porch or even in the living room of a beach cottage.

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[2 Aug 2013 | 3 Comments | 6,905 views]
Tutorial: Poly Rope Fringe Necklace

Jazz up your summer t-shirts with ease with these fringe style necklaces. You can make them for as little as $1 each using a basic dollar store supply or add embellishment for a few dollars more. These necklaces can mimic the look of raffia and the shape of spike beads but cost much less to make than a beaded or raffia necklace.
Project estimate:

Poly rope, …