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Make a Dyed Upholstery Rope Basket

Baskets are a great way to make a room instantly look organized. Got a pile of stuff? Throw it in a basket! Suddenly it looks neat and organized even though you didn’t change a whole lot. The downside of baskets is that they can cost quite a bit. That is, of course, unless you take the lead from I Heart Organizing, and you make your own …

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Make Cinnamon Clay Tags

Fall is a very sensory season:  The chill in the air, the colors in the leaves, and of course all of the yummy smells associated with fall baking!  Who can resist the lovely aroma of cinnamon? I know I sure can’t!  It’s the perfect time of year to whip up a batch of cinnamon clay and make these pretty stamped tags by Jessica at Mad …

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Make a Bee Themed Preschool Counting Game

My son loves bees. He also loves games. So when I saw a way to combine his two loves into a great educational game, I leaped at the chance. All I had to do was raid my kids craft supplies (all from the dollar store – of course!) and the recycling bin to get everything I needed to churn out a whole colony of counting …

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Make a Patchwork Denim Bowl

What do you do with your old jeans once they have gotten too full of holes to be functional as pants?  Rather than tossing them away or using them as rags, why not turn them into something both beautiful and functional instead?  Over at Henry Happened you can find the directions for making this patchwork denim bowl, which would make a great catch-all by the …

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Make a Wicked Witch Trick or Treat Bag

I don’t know about you but pillowcases and orange plastic buckets are not my favorite trick or treating tools. Ideally, a trick or treat bucket blends seamlessly with costume or is exceptionally clever. This falls into the latter category – unless of course your costume is a house, Oz (as in, the wizard), or Dorothy. If you want your own ghoulishly clever bag, Marcie wrote …

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Make Retro Perler Bead Earrings

When I was a kid, I got a huge tub of perler beads (AKA “melty beads”) and several peg boards for Christmas. I spent hours carefully crafting shapes and patterns. These earrings from The Thinking Closet are a great throw back to crafting in the 90’s! Plus they only take a few minutes to make are a great way to get kids involved in crafting. [how …

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Tutorial: Glam Halloween Wreath

I don’t often make wreaths, but this year I decided I wanted a Halloween wreath.  I wanted something glam and blingy, but that still had a spooky feel to it.  When I found this cool fuzzy owl at Dollar Tree, inspiration struck.  I grabbed some boas and feathers to match the owl, and got started on my wreath.

Project estimate:

Styrofoam wreath form, on hand or $1 …

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[30 Sep 2013 | 2 Comments | 2,209 views]
Make an 8-Bit Video Game Fireplace Insert

Any gamer geeks in the house?  *raises hand*  In particular, any Legend of Zelda fans?  If so, this project will probably look a little familiar.  Modeled after fire from the classic game, this fireplace insert by Kat and Cam at Our Nerd Home is perfect for all of you old-school Nintendo lovers out there!  If you find this project inspiring, you could use the same …

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Make Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bags

Treats and party favors are so much more fun and memorable when they come in a cute container, don’t you think? And they don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be downright adorable! Check out this idea from Brittni at One Charming Party, who used strips of colorful duct tape to make fringe-covered baggies that are just perfect for holding portions of Halloween candy. …

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Make Glam Skull Earrings

So, you want to add a little bit of Halloweeniness to your wardrobe, but you don’t want to go to over-the-top.  Here is a great solution!  Aki from Minted Strawberry made these fabulously fashionable and frightening earrings using dollar store skull rings – genius!  I love the geometric elements of her design, giving them a very modern look, and her color choices keep them understated …

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Make Sheet Music Pumpkin Planters

While plastic pumpkin buckets might be the iconic collector of sweet treats on Halloween night, they are a far cry from classy decor. Is there a way to salvage these gaudy beasts? Kelly from Eclectically Vintage proves it can be done! With a little bit of Mod Podge and sheet music, even the ugliest of pumpkins can turned into a cute fall planter. [how to make …