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[8 Sep 2014 | Comments Off on Make Hamster Hacky Sacks | 809 views]
Make Hamster Hacky Sacks

Let’s all say it together now:  “Awwwwwwww!”  I mean, seriously, how adorable are these hamster hacky sacks?  Instructables user miss_who whipped them up using kids-size socks!  Of course, you caould also use adult-sized socks to make a larger version as well.  Since each hacky sack only takes one sock, this is a great project for odd socks that you may have laying around.  (And who doesn’t?!) …

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[5 Aug 2014 | 5 Comments | 3,680 views]
Tutorial: DIY Shark Socks

Hooray, it’s shark week at DSC!  I love to see what fun ideas and projects the team comes up with.  Shark projects can run the spectrum from scary to silly to chic, and the idea I have for you today definitely falls in the “silly” category, with a nod to how scary sharks are.

Admit it, haven’t we all worried about critters nibbling on our toes …

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[19 Jun 2014 | Comments Off on Beyond Sock Monkeys: 10 Toys to Make with Old Socks | 4,866 views]
Beyond Sock Monkeys: 10 Toys to Make with Old Socks

Now that it’s warm outside, are you cleaning out your dresser? Don’t toss those old pairs of socks with holes in the heel or toe! Sock monkeys have always been the go-to toy to make from old socks, but there are lots of super fun variations on that theme. Check out these cute alternative sock stuffies!

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[20 Feb 2014 | One Comment | 3,671 views]
Make Your Own Sock Monkey

Sock monkeys make perfect presents for little ones. With so many fun sock patterns to choose from at the dollar store, you’ll be sure to find a sock that will match the tastes of the kiddo or parents! Just keep in mind that button eyes should only be used on monkeys given to older children who no longer put things in their mouths. For a …

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[30 Nov 2013 | 2 Comments | 11,642 views]
Make Snowman Treat Jars

Gifts-in-a-jar are a perennial favorite.  There are so many useful or fun things you can put into jars, and so many ways that you can dress them up – the possibilities are almost endless!  Kathy at Sparkles and a Stove came up with these cute little guys, turning treat-filled jars into little snowmen.  They would also make great party favors and could easily be used …

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[5 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 6,689 views]
Make a No-Sew Sock Elephant

How adorable is this elephant made from a sock? And how awesome is it that this is a no-sew project? Gather up the kiddos and whip some of these guys up with a tutorial courtesy of Kirsten at One Tough Mother, who recently featured a who week of zoo-inspired kids crafts on her blog. Ho fun would it be to make these …

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[27 Feb 2013 | 5 Comments | 4,335 views]
Make Fingerless Gloves from Socks

My local dollar store sells SO many fun socks. Most of these socks, however, are designed for kids or pre-teens and not full grown feet. Luckily, Johnnie from Saved by Love Creations has a great tutorial for how to turn socks into adorable fingerless gloves. If  you use socks you have on hand (maybe the leftover socks whose partners were eaten by the dryer monster?) you can …

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[12 Nov 2011 | 5 Comments | 4,357 views]
Make a Donut Softie from a Sock!

My two year-old son has a set “script” he has come up with when he pretends to talk on the phone. It goes, “Hello! Mommy! Donut!” He has a special place in his heart for donuts, and so do I, which is why I wanted to share this clever pretend donut from Frugal Family Fun. It’s made from a pair of dollar store socks, and …

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[11 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on Make Skeleton Sock Dolls | 8,066 views]
Make Skeleton Sock Dolls

We’ve already talked about sock monkeys this week, but what else can you make out of socks?  Over at Craft Passion, Joanne used plain ol’ white socks to make a squishy little skeleton couple just in time for Halloween!  Using a pattern she found on the Martha Stewart website, she adapted it and added her own details to create  both a male and female version.  …

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[10 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments | 2,664 views]
Crafting for Charity: Sock Monkeys for Texas

One of  the craft blogs I follow very closely is Craft Hope.  The site organizes various crafting-for-charity projects throughout the year, each time collecting a specific handmade item to donate to a different cause.  They have just announced their 15th project, creating sock monkeys to distribute to children in Texas.
It was a very, very hot summer in Texas, and the resulting dry conditions have paved …