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Make Wool Tree Ornaments from Felted Sweaters

6 December 2008 16,191 views 9 Comments

by heather

I made these tree ornaments from a felted/fulled wool sweater last year and gave them to my family members for their handmade gifts (we try to exchange primarily handmade). You can find wool sweaters by the dozens at thrift stores (although, I admit, they are probably not commonly represented at dollar stores!). Wash in hot water and dry in the dryer to shrink them into fabric that can be cut and sewn and won't unravel. These cute trees are a great way to show off your button stash, too!

Handmade ornaments are also a great gift for co-workers or people who you need to give a token gift to, but who you don't want to spend a lot of money on.

Project Estimate:

  • Wool sweater, $3-5 at thrift store
  • Assorted buttons, on hand
  • Embroidery floss or ribbon for hanging, $1

Total cost: $4 for about a hundred ornaments (if you use the whole sweater to make them)!

To make:

  1. Wash and dry wool sweater to felt it. Repeat if necessary.
  2. Cut tree shapes (triangles) and trunk shapes. I used the contrasting cuff cut in strips for the tree trunks. Use two matching triangles and one trunk piece for each tree.
  3. Sew buttons as desired on front tree triangle piece.
  4. Sandwich tree trunk piece at bottom between front and back tree pieces, and ribbon for hanging at top. Triangle pieces should be placed with right sides facing out. Sew around perimeter of triangle.

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  • Rachel said:

    Oh how cute! I really, really love these! I’ll be linking.

  • Lisa said:

    These are cool, I heard about felting but wasn’t sure what it was….now I know.
    I just need to get to the goodwill store now! Thanks! :)Lisa

  • Mama K said:

    I am going to make these with my son today! I have plenty of leftover sweater bits because I sew longies (wool pants/cloth diaper covers) out of old sweaters. I think I’m going to cut up some felt ornaments so he can glue them on with fabric glue and I won’t have to sew on a bunch of buttons. Great idea!

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  • Sarah said:

    This is a great idea for an inexpensive project in today’s tough economy. I’m getting these ready for next Christmas. This also gives me more ideas.

  • Amanda said:

    Hi Heather! I am writing to request permission to reprint this adorable project on Craftown.com. We would of course give you full credit and will happily link back to your blog. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks!

    (as you know, this is one of my day jobs) ;)

    Amanda Formaro
    Chief Editor – Craftown.com

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