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rock star kid with guitar

i love cheap kids craftsI’m still working on collecting links for this topic, so in the meantime, search for more kids activities here.

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  • helen


    I am looking for a pattern for a cover for the seat of a grocery cart that kids sit in. Help !!! Thanks

  • Elvira


    How to sew a shopping cart cover:

    pretty easy looking

  • Lisa


    our Daycare theme this year is camping, have any ideas?

  • bev smith


    Make fishing pole out of rolled paper make binoculars out of paper towel tube put 2 clear cups together to make a lantern or a bug storage make jello with gummy fish pretend campfire pretend tent out of sheets

  • Christine M.


    I have created lots of KIDS boards on my Pinterest page, and many of the activities are cheap to free. Enjoy!

  • Gaby


    Love crafting with kids. My last wad for the Mother`s day. I mad amazing fabric tulips.

  • Amy


    I’m looking for gimp (lanyard material) would a dollar tree have any?

  • Lola


    You guys stink.

  • Martha


    I am a leader of girls @ my church & an looking for a pattern for making flowers cut out of magazines. Any one have an idea I would be grateful, the girls are from Kindergarten to the Fifth grade. Thanks
    a lot from one grateful leader

  • Sarah


    I’m running an after school daycare for elementary kids, there will be ten. I need a craft with the theme thoughtful that isn’t entirely lame. I was thinking making a thought bubble with things the kids could do for others but I’m not sure if I would want to do that if I were a kid and if I don’t want to I bet they wouldn’t either.
    Thanks! Sarah

  • Barb


    In response to Amy (looking for gimp or lanyard material): Watkins Party Store has lanyards already made (6 per pkg.) for $1.99 + $3.99 shipping = $5.98 which would be $1/pc.

  • Maxine Gray


    I am looking for ideas on how and what materials to use to make my grandson , Tristan Michael Cutter, a door wreath for his bedroom. He will be one in one month. I would appreciate your ideas. I’m not very artistic , but I want this to be personal from Nana. Thank you! Include pics if you have them. I am visual learner. lol!!! M.G.

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