Halloween Costume Ideas

dollar store costume ideas

Dollar Store Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has gotten so popular in the last ten years. A whole industry has sprung up for this single holiday! Costumes, candy, decorations for inside (and outside) your home. You could easily spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on Halloween if you don’t watch your budget. Celebrating Halloween is fun, and it doesn’t have any of the emotional baggage that many of the other fall and winter holidays have, so it’s easy to see why people are enthusiastic about dressing up and having fun for Halloween.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great Halloween costume! You can make most of the costumes featured on Dollar Store Crafts for $10 or less! And, just to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled all our best costume ideas right here on one page.

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Halloween Costumes: $5 and Under

Spend less than a $5 spot to make these Halloween costumes:

halloween candy costume

$5 Hard Candy Costume

paper doll costume

Paper Doll Costume: $2

bumblebee costume

No Sew Bumblebee Costume: $5

pregnant skeleton costume

Pregnant Skeleton Costume

max costume

Max from Where the Wild Things Are Costume

candy corn costume

Candy Corn Costume: $2.69

strawberry costume

Strawberry Costume: $3.02

costume pumpkin

No-Sew Jack o’Lantern Costume: $1

moose costume

Moose Costume: $2

ghost dress costume

Ghost Pillowcase Dress Costume: $4

Animal Attack Costume

Stuffed Animal Attack Costume: $1

Halloween Costumes: Beyond $5

Spend a little more to get the look you want for these Halloween costumes:

pizza costume

Pizza Costume: $14

spider costume

No-Sew Spider Costume: $7.50

octopus costume

No-Sew Octopus Costume: $6

rapunzel costume

No-Sew Rapunzel Costume: $10

fireman costume

Last-Minute Fireman Costume (N0-Sew): $7

skunk costume

Skunk Costume: $5

mr potato head costume

Mr. Potato Head Costume: $9

flamingo costume

Flamingo Costume: $6

Handmade Halloween Costume Inspiration

Handmade Predator costume

25 Geeky Handmade Costume Ideas (This one is a handmade Predator!)

Darth Vader Princess

Handmade Children’s Star Wars Costumes (Love this Darth Princess Vader)

scarecrow baby costume

Cute Handmade Baby Costumes

sushi costume

Handmade Kids’ Food Costumes

ladybug costume

Last Minute No-Sew Costumes

Lego Astronaut costume

Lego Minifig Costume Ideas

Boo Costume - Monsters Inc

Handmade Pixar Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Dog

Handmade Dog Costume Ideas

Owl costume

Costume Inspiration from Martha Stewart

Adult Handmade Halloween Costume Ideas

sock monkey costume

Sock Monkey Costume Idea

Prisoner Costume Idea

Prisoner Costume Idea


Dollar Store Halloween Craft Ideas

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