You can find a lot of great materials at the dollar store with which to make great no-sew costumes that are quick and easy! Your child will look sweet dressed as a petite piece of candy, and everyone will think you are the world’s greatest parent for making your kid’s costume!

Total cost for costume: $5

Time needed: 30 minutes

To buy at the dollar store:

  • 2 round placemats
  • package of iridescent tissue paper
  • stocking cap
  • spool of wide ribbon

Supplies on hand:

  • scissors
  • sturdy tape (I used clear packing tape)
  • stapler & staples
  • twist ties, rubber bands, or string
  • a piece of scrap paper and cardboard (I used the tag from the hat for the cardboard)
  • Optional: needle & thread

To make:

  1. Wrap placemats carefully with iridescent tissue paper. Because there were only three sheets of tissue in the package, I clipped off the excess at the end of the rectangular piece of tissue before I wrapped the placemat because I wanted to conserve the tissue in case I needed extra for something.
  2. Cut one sheet of tissue in half and gather each half up for candy’s side-wrappers. I used a twist tie to gather them, but you could use a rubber band, thread or string. Use whatever’s on hand! Set aside.
  3. Measure and cut six 12″ lengths of the wide ribbon for straps. Staple two of them securely to the placemats for shoulder straps.Try the costume on your child at this point and make sure it fits. Mark the insides of the placemats for placement of side ties.
  4. Staple the front side ties on in the spot you marked, sandwiching the candy’s side wrappers between the ribbon and the placemat. Staple securely.
  5. Staple the back side ties on.

For the hat:

  1. Cut a circular piece of cardboard (I used the tag from the hat) and if necessary, a piece of white scrap paper to cover the printing on the cardboard. Wrap disc as a piece of candy, securing sides with thread or wire (I used a piece of wire that came out of the wire-edged ribbon.
  2. Attach “candy” to hat by stapling or sewing.

Dress child in neutral under-clothing (we used black because I thought the candy would “pop” against the dark color) and you’re done!

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