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  • Jacqueline Heller

    Dear Heather,
    I am a a crafter by heart ! I love recycle and upcycle crafts but for a while now I am doing a lot of cheap crafts as well ! My goal is not just to make something but to make something pretty and also at times useful !I am a mother of two and just to support my habit of crafts i have to be frugal.. Please consider me because I believe that I can come up with some great craft ideas , hope to hear back from you ….

  • Chana-Lise

    My name is Chana-Lise (shay-nuh lease) and I’m a senior in college studying acting and elementary education. I have always had a keen eye for always recycling items that I find, nuzzled in nooks in my closet, into tangible and practical use.
    Being an education major has opened me to a wide variety of craft ideas, and being an acting major allows my imagination to expand daily.
    I have spent time altering clothing, making jewelry, and creating innovative craft ideas for the bedroom or around the house.
    As a college student, I feel that I will be able to allure a large percentage of young adults to your website.
    I look forward to hearing from you.