Dollar Store Fashion

dollar store fashion

The essence of Dollar Store Fashion is not about wearing cheapo accessories that you found at the dollar store, but about finding a look you like and figuring out a way to get it on a small budget. Although, if you find something cute at the dollar store, by all means, make it work!

For example, say you see Louboutin slingbacks decorated with googly eyes. You don’t want to spend $1595 for those shoes (and they’re sold out, anyway). So you DIY your own for $13. Or you want to make your own false eyelashes for $2.

Dollar Store Fashionthe look for less is about accepting your low budget, and making your own style with the resources you have.

At Dollar Store Crafts, we are committed to helping you find ways to express yourself through style by using a combination of smart buys, clever crafting, and inspirational diy fashion projects. Here are some projects to inspire you:




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  • Jenelle Smit

    Hey! love your dollar store creations! I actually made my own the other day and thought I’d share it with you. Can’t believe how many things you can make/find at the local dollar store now. I always go to Dollarama in Toronto, You must be finding a good store as well.

  • Josephine

    I love your creations. Couldn’t find a suitable wedding dress for my granddaughter’s favourite made one with accessories such as lace panties, parasol, shoes (totally hand crafted), jewelry, bouquets the garters.

    Would love to join your community.