Super Secret Stashbuster Mich L. in LA strikes again with her tenth project! This is a great idea for those dollar store metal headbands (6 for $1!): create sliding ornaments for the headbands so you can change them out whenever you want. Mich L. shows you how to make the slidey thing so you can make as many as you want, for infinite variety in this very current trend in accessorizing! I said this at CROQ zine, but I’ll say it again: I think it’d be cool to make a bird’s nest headband as a sort of nod to the bad hair day. After I wrote that, I found a bird’s nest fascinator by Outi at Outsapop, so I guess I don’t have to actually make one since someone else already did it for me! [click here for the changeable headband tutorial]

Use any cool little doodad in your stash to make this awesome headband!

Project Estimate:

  • Metal headbands, 6 for $1
  • Recycled plastic, on hand
  • Hole punch, on hand
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Trinkets, on hand

Total: $.12 each