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I just wanted to express how much I love your site. I get so many compliments on crafty things in my house and that I’ve made for my kids, and I always tell them it’s thanks to you. I am a crafter on a very limited income and when I discovered your site a couple years ago, it was a godsend. I was inspired to make fantastic costumes for my family this Halloween and it is all thanks to your site. As I head into Christmas, I’m excited to get more and more ideas for that season. Now instead of seeing the dollar store as a bunch of cheap crap, I see it as an opportunity.

So. Thank you. — Jan M., (10.03.2012)

I just spent two hours perusing repins and pins on Pinterest only to discover this blog/site. OMG, I am in love. I love design blogs and this one is my favorite because all/most of the materials come from some of my favorite stores (Target, Michaels, Dollar Tree). There were a lot of really cool projects that would work wonders for a DIY wedding. carnivalbride (04.08.12)

In this economy supporting dollar store crafts will equate to supporting American families. This site is time with our children,empowerment for ourselves and allowing employees earn from home. Top to bottom this is a family business. mommaduo (09.30.11)

I love Dollar Store Crafts for ideas for things to make & do w/my GRANDS. She always has earth friendly ideas to reuse/re-purpose items & budget friendly ideas for crafts that are kid friendly. She’s all about being creative and clever on a budget. lcfish (09.29.11)

I love this business! She comes up with the best ideas on how to craft on an extreme budget (which I am on). In this economy, I think a lot of us crafters are, and we need these ideas. DellaLuna (09.29.11)

Dollar Store Crafts ALWAYS has cool crafts to make for others or to make with kids. I use her site to get info on things to make with my GRANDS. And the crafts are always inexpensive so you still have $$ for toys and outings! lcfish (09.29.11)

She always shares the best ideas for crafting on the cheap. thisiscarrie (09.26.11)

I love this business! She has very innovative ideas with a tight budget in mind. These days everyone has a tight budget and needs an outlet and this site has helped me maintain my sanity. My teen daughters also check it out and it gets them thinking! cryansgrl (09.22.11)

I love to craft but with a large family it just gets too expensive. I was thrilled to find “Dollar Store Crafts!” The projects are different and fun AND they fit MY budget! Pioneer588 (09.22.11)

i love love this company gives the best ideas ive seen! so very very creative! duana360 (09.22.11)

Every day there are so many new fun ideas that I can put to good use in our home. I love the project ideas! I look for Dollar Store Crafts ideas EVERY day on Facebook. Excellent, fun, affordable, ideas.kraftykash (09.22.11)

My daughter absolutely loves this company and tries a lot of their ideas, plus submits some of her own. Butch (09.21.11)

Congrats! I love your blog. I check it daily. I like glitz, glitter, and glam and I like it at the prices your projects have. I wish you all the best. Sobi. (9.30.11)

I love your blog!! I have to let you know you are an inspiration to people like me who have to create crafts for 30 kids with almost no money.
Keep up the excellent work!!!

this is a super site for ANYONE needing or wanting creative, affordable craft ideas. – pegfive (09.15.11)
shares doable creativity that do not cost much but look like it costs lots. I need my daily fix for sanity! – mer (09.15.11)
Especially in light of our economic times, DSC is the best example of “what to do with less”. Each project is achievable by almost everyone & is eco-friendly. It brings u closer to friends, family and the planet, and makes life better for everyone. – michellecook (09.15.11)
Dollar Store Crafts is a fabulous resource chock full of ideas, inspiration and tutorials on how to create beautiful/useful things without breaking the bank. I love that it calls out/features different folks in the crafting community. – Angela C. (09.15.11)
Great site for craft ideas on the cheap. In these economic times, cheap and creativity are great things. – CraftyCrazyGal (09.13.11)

An amazing site that offers cheapy and easy projects for the crafty minded – mink_bikini (09.13.11)

I have never been so inspired to create! This business shares so many amazing ideas that I can’t help but want to make something eveytime I visit the site. – cleo (09.13.11)

love this site! – parrott designs (09.13.11)

I can literally get lost searching through the unique and cool craft ideas on the site. Dollar Store Crafts is definitely an influential community for crafters! – Kimmie (09.11.11)

Heather has great projects/posts and really connects with her readers. – goldfine (09.11.11)

Awesome resource for anyone that likes to craft! So many fun and affordable projects! – The Graphics Fairy (09.08.11)

DSC is in the business of creativity, practicality, and supporting love for craft on a budget, which means us fans are as diverse as they come. Even so, DSC has something for everyone.Now excuse me while I get my daily dose of craft! – Delia (09.08.11)

I’ve used many of the ideas that were shared on Dollar Store Crafts. Always clever, entertaining, and of course, afordable! – Scatter (09.08.11)

LOVE their stuff, so much more practical than Martha Stewart, these are crafts for the real world! – Monica (09.08.11)

Dollar Store Crafts provides great inspirations and instructions for low-budget craft projects! – LaraStewart (09.08.11)

Dollar Store Crafts brings together a community of crafters making great stuff at a low cost and even recycling materials. – udandi (09.05.11)

Love Dollar Store Crafts! – Scrimaplicious (09.05.11)

Dollar Store Crafts is one of the most influential websites in the DIY/creative industry. Not only has it brought together so many innovative minds, but it encourages people to recycle, save money, and look at their own creativity. – Kirsten Nunez (09.02.11)

I loe your unique way that you create something that look fabulous without costing the earth. I am jealous being an Aussie we dont have a store like this in Australia. – Cindy (09.01.11)

Dollar Store Crafts is always creative,original and affordable! – OrigamiGrace (09.01.11)

Who couldn’t love a craft person who uses and shares ideas for crafts that are accessible to anyone in this economy? Being creative is a stress reliever when the rest of your world is crumbling. – KLI122 (09.01.11)

I love Dollar Store Crafts! Tgey have so many great crafts that are affordable and family friendly! – tricia65 (09.01.11)

I check this site everyday and it is fabulous! She is so creative and really inspires us at home crafters who like to do things on the cheap! – Bluaqua (09.01.11)

Dollar Store Crafts is innovative and influential! – thegeekysaver (08.30.11)

I love the Dollar Store Craft website. It’s a great example of showing that you don’t have to spend a whole lot to wind up with some creative and clever crafts for around the house. The site’s ideas are fun the family can enjoy together. – MangaFox (08.30.11)

Amazing website! Heather is truly a clever and resourceful woman, and is great for sharing her talents and finds with everyone! – heatherparris (08.30.11)

I love that the craft ideas are affordable and accessible. It’s awesome. – silly eagle books (08.25.11)

This site is so inspiring. They challenge us to think outside the generic craft bubble and do more with what we have. – Supertina320 (08.25.11)

I love the DSC website. Everyday I look forward to the unique and super easy crafts they post. I have used many of their ideas and often share them with family and friends. – craftAA (08.25.11)

I LOVE this business – so many great crafting ideas and on a great budget. I look forward to seeing new ideas daily. – Trcrews (08.25.11)

I love dsc you have great ideas. I usually have the stuff needed on hand. They are basic and I can customize them to my needs. – melindakay (08.25.11)

The Dollar Store Crafts website is an invaluable resource. Working with at-risk youth in non profit settings (as well as a crafter on a tight budget myslef) I often need ideas for low cost crafts; this site always delivers! – onabudget (08.24.11)

Heather has such an awesome site and always shares her passion and knowledge with those around her. – JenniferCurtis (08.24.11)

One of the best new sites on the web. As a teacher on a budget, it is one of the first places I go for inspiration. – BeeDonso (08.24.11)

What a great”idea” business! Love the easy, affordable ideas. – The Belfry Studio (08.24.11)

I have learned so much great stuff from Dollar Store Crafts! Seriously, they’re one of the best crafting resources online. I wish them all the best of luck Ashleigh Elson (08.23.11)

I’m constantly amazed and the wonderful ideas and project she shares. I just love to read her blog! – Trheel4vr (08.23.11)

I love Dollar Store Crafts because they are a) affordable and b) realistic project. They are fun for my family to do together and in this day and age, family time together is important!! – CountessLaurie (08.23.11)

I love to craft and this site gives some great ideas for little or no money…using items from around your home or from a dollar store! – Beechbaby (08.23.11)

I just love the ideas that Dollar Store Crafts provide me with craft ideas to share with my three grandaughters. You are a grandmother wish come true. Thank you. Good Luck. – cincotta3 (08.23.11)

LOVE that their ideas are so unique and affordable! – Blackberryhilldesign (08.23.11)

It is so crafty and brilliant! – jesssf (08.23.11)

During these economic times when everything is too expensive to buy to decorate with, it is nice to find a place (like DSC) to go to find inexpensive, fun, and creative projects to make for your home. – suzybee30 (08.21.11)

DSC brings so much joy to my family, I can always count on a project inexpensive creative and that my kids can help with. It has created a love of crafts with my children. – mandykos (08.17.11)

Love the craft. – deneen (08.17.11)

I have been following DSC for several months. Heather has been wonderful about putting up fun craft ideas as well as always addressing our questions. – Saphie (08.17.11)

I really enjoy Dollar Store Crafts! There, I find great, tested craft ideas that I can actually make myself. The site is friendly and warm. A real pleasure! – hunter972 (08.17.11)

I love Dollar Store Crafts because they have such awesome ideas for projects for very little money. The crafts are very well thought out and the tutorials are really easy to follow. Keep up the great work DSC! – jinman16 (08.17.11)

I love Dollar Store Crafts because of it down to earth practicality. Not to mention the it saves me time when searching for party ideas, those one of a kind gifts and quick kid friendly crafts. – goldencrafter (08.17.11)

Dollar Store Crafts has leveled the decor blog playing field by emphasizing good design isn’t solely the domain of the affluent. Dollar Store Crafts cultivates a spirit of community among bloggers and crafters. – Snarky’s Machine (08.17.11)

As a crafter (knitter most of the time), I enjoy reading the site to see what creativity I can try to incorporate into current and future projects. I feel that the site is great for learning and a good laugh! – Jessoleil (08.17.11)


  • Victoria T

    I love your website but I’d like to see more man’s crafts. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I don’t know what to get my boyfriend of 3 months. I want to make him something that he will remember but what? Can you help me out?

  • Charity L

    I just found this site and I love it. My kids and I have already seen so many crafts that we can’t decide which to do first. I have also seen a few crafts here that I found on pinterest only you showed me how to do it for a fraction of the price. Thank you.

  • di marie

    Just caught Heather on the local news this morning amd loved the segment!!
    Good ideas and totally inspired!!!