• Twig and Toadstool


    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • bambangpe


    This web, help us spreading my rare craft. Thank you dollarstorecrafts.

  • Tricia


    Just included your blog on my list of high-profile blogs that feature crafty tutorials, Etsy shops and party ideas. Thanks for allowing other bloggers like me to be included in your blog!

    How Sweeter It Is

  • Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets


    Make a Star-Spangled (Paint Chip) Banner for the 4th of July!

  • Laura Novobilsky


    I served these super cool Glow-in-the-Dark drinks to my kids last night and they were a huge hit. (The kids got Sprite, but you could use adult beverages for a grown-up treat too!) All the necessary supplies can be picked up at the Dollar store ~ red plastic party cups, clear plastic tumbler cups, and glow sticks.

  • kathryn


    these are bubble envelopes. so easy, cute, and a great activity for families. it cost us only $2.

  • Melissa


    $1 and free! My kids and I recycled crayons using the heat of the summer sun. Recycling + sustainable energy + crafting = a kid activity win, in my opinion. :)

  • Jill


    We just posted some Humpty Dumpty sat on a S’mores and thought we would share them with you. The kids thought that they were hilariou! It’s hard to impress my kids and the kids in the neighborhood since we make so many things…so I knew we had a winner when I noticed how much they were laughing at them and begging for more. They are so silly, but a lot of fun for the kids. Would be great to give out at a school party. Cheap and easy to make so I thought you might like them.


  • Emily


    You should check out the Nester – – she’s got a plastic spoon wreath!!! I loved it when I saw it this morning, 7/11/11. You might want to link to her.


  • Fiona


    Hi! I came here through My Craft Channel and just loved the blog. I’ve already added it to my fave blogs on crafts and will probably spend hours browsing the wide range of crafts you’ve posted. Am so glad I’ll be able to see you on My Craft Channel. Best wishes!

  • Charlyn


    Love the dollar store crafts and can’t wait for more of the Craft channel. So happy you are there.

  • PC


    This is an old craft my mom taught me. Cost of material about $1 or maybe $0 – if you happened to have them in hand. Short piece of clear plastic tube, rags or yarn or anything else – sand? beads? – some oil -that’s it! For adult or kids too!

    Oil in Bangle –

  • Peg Kincade


    I love “Dollar Store Crafts” but I do not like your new format. Why do people always change things when there was nothing wrong with it in the first place?

  • Deborah M


    Hi, Im Deborah & A huge fan of ur blog! Love all the amazing info & tips! I am new to the blogging world & would love if you would follow my craft blog :) I am learning more about blogging n such every day & am hoping soon to do some product reviews and my own diy tutorials. Any tips for new bloggers? I hope you are enjoying your wkend & thx so much for all you do! xo ~Moore crochet & crafts

  • AmyCat =^.^=


    Why do you have a “Submit” tab when there’s nothing here that lets me submit an actual how-to, just Comments?

  • heather


    @amycat, you should be seeing a submission form on this page, with a “submit” button at the bottom. Try a different browser if it’s not working for you.

  • BearBear


    I would LOVE to see some cheap options to creating a beautiful Fairy Garden!!

  • Michele Sigler


    I am always looking for cost saving craft projects. Thank you for posting.

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