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  • Tina Holloway

    I hope this signs me up to receive your newsletter or new blogs. If not please tell me how to do this. I love what I have seen so far and want to join the fun.

  • Dawn Newsome

    I posted a project I did where I used practically everything I already had on hand to make an umbrella stand out of a great cardboard box. I couldn’t swear by it but it is very likely I bought the wrapping paper at a dollar store. I only paid 49 cents for it (but I bought it a long time ago…so can’t remember where exactly.)
    If you want to see it, it’s here:
    I read your blog every day; some really cool ideas. Just thought I would share this; it reminded me of you.

  • Fatima


    WHERE have you been all my life! i practically live at the dollar store and i love crafts so this is just awesome. thank you so much for just bringing great and cheap craft ideas easier to find.

  • Dawn

    Hi, Heather.
    I saw this idea about using a dryer sheet to give texture and also to make a little pocket on the front of this bunny cutout where you stick in one of those little Golden Books. It made me think of you…
    here’s the link:

  • Erin

    No prob! I love your site and love making dollar store crafts! I thought you might enjoy it. Keep up the great work on this site! I love it!

  • Anna Sophia

    I recently made a gift for my son’s teacher using an item from the dollar store. You can see the post here:

    I thought it might be something you would want to put on your website for others to benefit from. :-)

    Thanks so much, love your site!!

  • Becky B

    I found this site and love it. I am bookmarking it and sending the URL to my home school and other frugal friends and family.

  • Jedda

    fun food craft via the dollar store :)

  • Sarah

    I was doing a google search on washing suede slippers and I found your comment on another site. You simply said that you wash your suede slippers fairly often in the machine…and I’d LOVE more info if you have the time. Do you do anything special? Do you air-dry them?
    Thanks for your help!

  • stephanie

    Love your blog and I wanted to submit a dollar tree craft, I just did.

    Thanks and now I am off to check out some more crafts! :)

  • Jeri

    I made some chunky bohemian type earrings using 14 gauge aluminum floral wire from a Dollar Store. It comes in lots of colors and the finished product looks so neat. I also used beads I bought at a dollar store. The only thing I did not buy at a dollar store was the earring connection.
    Wish I could add a picture, but don’t know how.

  • Erin

    Hello! I just made this coupon holder for 25 cents!

    Didn’t know if it would be something you would post or not, but I thought you might like it!

    Still love your site, and visit it everyday! Love it!


  • Liz

    Heather, you are a brilliant crafty gal! I follow all the blogs you write for and am constantly amazed — but the best thing is, I actually DO the projects becuase they are so fun and pretty easy. Are you on Twitter? I keep looking for a twitter contact for you but can’t find one

  • Annette

    Hi, Heather
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog for the past few weeks. I was inspired to post a few ultra-cheap crafts of my own.
    Tutorial for dollar-store nursing cover:
    Tutorial for dollar-store monster “softie”:
    Tutorial for reconstructed nursing T (sometimes you can get standard T-shirts at our Dollar Tree):

    Hope you enjoy them!

  • Dena Lenham

    Love your site! I love doing dollar store crafts and transformations, especially adding beads and fiber.

  • Melony Ralph

    Love my Dollar Store Shabby Chic Sundae. I used Dollar Store roses and Dollar Store glass 1.00 each. I think it turned out pretty cute!

  • Theo

    I love your site–recently found it. Then, I thought that I might have a few things on my blog that were made using dollar store items. Hope you can use them for your site!:) Here they are:

    family photo holder: http//

    apron using two dish towels (kid-sized): http//

    graduation coke glasses (glasses, candy and filler bought at the dollar store): http//

    I don’t think I mentioned in a couple of them that I used dollar store products, but if you like these, I can edit them to say that. Let me know if you use them. Your site is awesome!

  • Jo

    Here’s my dollar store craft:

  • Sponzar

    Cheap ipod case. II made mine into a Tardis from Doctor Who. It cost about $3.50. 30 cents for each piece of felt, key chain for 1.50 and some cardboard, thread and velcro I had on hand.
    Thanks for reading my comment.

  • Andie

    Hi! Didn’t know if youmight be interested in my Pringles Can Coaster tutorial!

    Thanks for visiting my site :)

  • Cheryl Ball

    Hello –
    Was just now reading my comments – I’m glad you liked the idea and even put it on your blog – how exciting! This is the first time it happened to me….I’ve made some more pieces and plan to get then up on blog quickly. I have your blog on my Google Reader so I check out what you’ve been doing too – very clever…..Thanks again and hopefully we can keep in touch…..
    Cheryl Ball

  • Jessica

    I just wanted to share my quick project-making play oven mitts from regular size ones, found at the dollar store. here is the link to my project:

    thanks for taking a peek!

    Jessica :)

  • lorchick

    I realized today that my jute vase was made with a vase from dollarama and jute from dollarama. $2 for a vase you can buy comparable for like $40+ at home decor stores.

    On the charms I put on the ribbon to jazz up the vase, most of the stuff comes from a dollar store as well. Like I said on the post though, the credit for that charming little idea isn’t mine.

  • Party MOMster

    I am a huge fan of the Dollar Store as well. I was so excited when I Stumbled Upon your site. I think I have a craft for you in the under $1 or free category. We wove bookmarks out of old greeting cards. More info here:

    I would also like to submit one more recycled greeting card idea — decoupage picture frame. The frames were on clearance fo a $3 at JoAnn Fabrics, They came in a pack of 8 as part of a kids craft kit with writing all over them. We just painted them white with some paint we had lying around:

    I am so excited about your site. I hope one of my ideas is worthy. But tomorrow I’m checking out my Dollar store to try out some of your crafts and maybe be inspired for a new submission!


  • Shanea


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    A few other services that are worth mentioning are; $1.00 banner advertising and a free “Artist of the Month” profile.

    If you get sometime please swing by and check us out.

    Have a great day!


  • Beth Norman

    Here’s my project. If you use my tutorial, you may want me to edit out the joke about “ugly” frame. I try to use humour in my posts.


  • Valencia @ Buildeth Her House

    I made copper pumpkins, I hope you like them!! Here is the link

  • Valencia @ Buildeth Her House

    I’ve done my fall decor using all things from thrift stores and the dollar tree.

  • Lindsay

    I made a super fun fall wreath using things I bought at Dollar Tree. It cost about $6, and I have enough leftovers to make probably 2 more wreaths.

  • LeeAnn

    I found your blog and I love it. I can’t wait to share it with my blog readers! Thanks

  • Jane

    Thank you so much for making this site! I am in love with the dollar store, and live in Portland too. I just recently wondered if there were any tips on making things from there, so I typed Dollar Store Crafts into google and lo and behold. I will defintely be an avid reader!

  • Andrea

    First off ..I love you!!!Found this site while searching for a very cheap, but expensive looking option for a holiday party centerpiece. There are some amazing creations on here.

    Now..I have a question…Is there a dollar store, thrift store bride.

    I’m curious to know if there is one woman who did her entire wedding using dollar store items. I realize there are some items you can’t get from there. But, There are so many that you can!!

    I’m the queen of cheap….
    Made a diaper cake recently, everything, including the onseies, socks, baby towels, flowers, embellishments and ribbon came from the dollar store . Bought scrapbook paper in place of fancy ribbon at 4/$1 at Hobby Lobby. Only thing I couldn’t/didn’t buy from there, was the diapers-I needed 92 of those (plus I knew the new mother wanted a specific brand) :-)

    Also did a Dollar Store Wedding Bouquet. Only thing that wasn’t from the Dollar Store…was the big green flower in the middle and the 2 on each side..I stole that from my mothers obnoxious flower collection. lol

  • Missy

    I have a wealth of empty diaper boxes and have been saving them for a storage/craft project. Do you have any ideas on how to re-use these empty boxes?


  • Lana

    Dollar store holiday gift

  • Lana

    I got these notecards from the dollar section at Target.

  • Theo

    Hi Heather! I just came up with a cute turkey magnet that just uses a few materials. I think you’ll like it. You can find it here:

  • Becky

    Hello, I just wanted to share a free craft for the holidays, I made for my family at thanksgiving which you could do for christmas, I added the tips on how. checkout my blog

  • Lauren

    I totally thought this was appropriate for christmas! awesome awesome project!

  • Valencia

    I have a project I did from under $5. It is a roadside cabinet redo.

  • Thien-Kim

    I wanted share some holiday crafts. I know it’s after xmas but my 4yo has another week until she pre-k starts back up.

    Salt dough ornaments

    Recycled Crayons, inspired by your peppermint bark post

    PS I was able to find those travel mugs with the removeable inserts. I’m so behind but will be making those as late holiday gifts for the grandparents!

  • Kathy Hobson

    Hey Heather! You’ve got some great ideas here and I’m so glad I found your blog! I have a gramma blog and I’m always looking for craft ideas. I mentioned your Christmas Card village…what a great idea!

    Check out my Sealed With a Kiss post for another great idea! I DID get the items from the dollar section at Target, so not sure if that’s “legal” but I thought the mailboxes turned out really cute (and I’m not actually sure how it is that I was smart enough to think this up!) Dollar stuff inspires me! LOL.

    Keep posting all the cool ideas!


  • Brooke

    Hello Heather, Great site. I just dropped a line to share with you a craft I made. I think you will like it!

  • Sarah Lou, my friend sstunning canvas for her daughters room

  • Jenny

    I read this blog and regularly see things she made from the dollar store. Not sure if you posted this one before but thought I would share it.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for your wonderful, inspiring site! I found an awesome blog post- which used picture frame, masked for a photo and painted with chalkboard paint. Inspired by this, and YOUR site, I bought a bunch of $1 frames, used this chalkboard technique, and decoupaged the frames with sheet music or maps.

  • April W

    I saw this link today.

    Do you have any ideas on how to hack some dollar store supplies into this? The link goes to a frame that opens up and allows you to store your child’s artwork up to 50 pieces with the top one displaying.

  • renee

    please sign me up to recieve emails! great site!

  • Valencia

    everything looks so much better under glass. So I made this homemade cloche for $4 using only dollar tree stuff. Hope you like it.

  • Marlene Alexander

    Love your website! You asked for crafts using dollar store tea towels and thought you might be interested in my tea towel kitchen valance.

  • ro

    Great web site could spend lots of time here. But ————-can not come up with ideas also so going now.
    thanks again for a great web site

  • Bella

    I love this site, always checking on for ideas,im amazed at some of the things people make they’re fab.
    have just started a blog myself and uploading some of my lil creations if anyone is interested in having a look.

    keep up the craftiness.


  • Annie

    You HAVE to enter this contest!!! Everyone who loves dollar tree!

  • Valencia

    Here are my embellished eggs from dollar tree.

  • Valencia

    Check out my kids photo eggs. The kids really love them!!

  • The Little Brown House

    I have made several craft projects using only Dollar Store items, and have received lots of good feedback on them! Here is a link to the most popular one.

  • Nicholette

    I made a candle luminary from wooden skewers that I purchases and the dollar store! Check it out!

  • Rachel Patnode

    Hi! I didn’t get the fabric at the Dollar store, I got it at Wal Mart!! lol! But it only cost $1. ANd now that I figured out this little pattern, I am going back for more $1 steals!! Check out this super cute Toddler Dress or tween summer top. It can be used as both!!

    p.s. LOVE your site!! =)

  • britt

    just put up some pictures of a skirt that i made using old t-shirts. go check it out here:

    link to original tutorial is included on the page.

    total cost for the skirt : 4 big shirts at 25 cents a piece = one dollar!! well plus the cost of some thread!! but it looks super cool!!

    love the original too!!

  • Sarah

    I made a desk organizer from bar-soap boxes and some paper from the dollar store :)


  • Dnay

    I love the flowerbox craFT YOU DID but i need to knlow where you buy thoose cute little colorful flowers

  • Jen M

    Hi Heather,

    I just linked you up on my new parenting blog, I’ve been following you for a while and really love your site. If you get a chance, I’d love for you to check mine out and leave me some comment love. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Hi Heather,

    I LOVE your site, I Have used several of your ideas around my home. I saw your Dollar store wedding ideas, they are wonderful, But…. How about graduation? My oldest boy is graduating this year, and I’m stumped for party Decor for outside.

    Michelle W.

  • Sarah

    I fuzzified some little flip flops for my little princesses :)

  • Lisa

    I created a tutorial for making cheap (but CUTE!) beach chair towel covers to keep your towel secure on your chair while at the beach or pool. you can see my free tutorial at
    I am new to blogging (but not crafting!) and hope to have plenty other ideas and tutorials soon. Feel free to pass the tutorial/link on to your friends. I searched everywhere for an existing tutorial and could not find one.


  • June

    I love this site for ideas. I made a wreath today with a wreath I picked up at a dollar store and used Target bags and hot glue to make an outdoor wreath.

    You can check it out at:


  • evelyn

    Hi! Just wanted to say, I love the toddlers hoodie!

  • carlyjcais

    Hello Heather –
    Thanks so much for visiting my site!
    Yes, I live in a suburb of Portland! (I take it you are based here too?)

    I love how much Portland supports independent artists and crafters – it was such a dream come true to move to such a creative community!

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog – I will definitely be adding to my reading list! I love the idea and the premise of this blog it will probably be impossible to tear me away from it for the next few days as I catch up on all the archive posts!

  • Andrea

    Maybe I’m behind the times, but when I just subscribed to the newsletter, it gave me a page to add you to my address book. You’re in Salem, Oregon?!? I live in Salem too!

    I had no idea one of my favorite sites (I check it at least once a day) was being written so close to me!!! I actually just looked up your jointed letter banner for my grandparents anniversary party!

    Thank you so much for all the awesome projects and links :)

  • Audra

    Where’s your feature buttons? I’d love to put one on my blog! :)

  • Krysten

    Love your site so much I featured it on my blog! Thought I would give you a shoutout! Here is the post:

    Clickable Party

  • Jill

    Love your blog! Thank you so much for posting a link to ours. We would love to put up your button if that is ok. We have only been doing the blog thing for a couple of months now and are still trying to get the hang of it. Thanks for checking us out!


  • Plain Graces

    I just wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your tutorial on Dryer Lint Paper. I linked to you in one of my blog posts, I hope that was alright. Thanks for inspiring us!

  • heather

    Thanks, Plain Graces! :)

  • Sue Wilhelm

    I have a question… maybe someone will be able to help me out. I recently was given a set of mirrored bifold closet doors. I had told a friend I was looking to upcycle some bifold doors and they brought me these. NOT what I had planned, I was looking for the shutter types. Anyway… does anyone know how I could upcycle these into something cool?? I really don’t want to break the mirrors to use on other crafts, but I am at a loss for an idea. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Linda

    You have a really great site. I go to it daily to check out all your new ideas and have gotten some good projects started for the holidays. It’s great to see what unique items can be made so inexpensively! Keep up the good work!

  • Michelle Barsema

    I enjoyed looking through your website. My only problem was that I had to leave your site and wanted to come back later. I found it difficult to come back to the last page I was viewing; without having to click on each page to find where I left off.
    Is there anyway that you could list the page numbers(as done in catalogs)so that you can resume your search on that specific page?
    [email protected]

  • Tresa Bozell


    Today I googled “paper wreath” images and right there, smack dab in the middle of all of the wreath images,, your sweet little face showed up. It made me smile. I love your site. Thanks for all you do!


  • Kristy Swain

    Thanks for posting my chair! You can find more information or other examples from my readers on my blog at Good luck – fun ideas!!

  • viebschen

    Can you please tell me where I can find the instructions for making the Hot Glue and Confetti heart ? I looked everywhere and could not find it. Thank you

  • heather

    We updated the link. Looks like that blog was taken offline so here’s the archived page: