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dollar store decorThe essence of dollar store decorating is not buying cheap and tacky knick-knacks, but in finding items you love and making them happen in your own home. For example, say you love a $269 Pottery Barn lamp, but your budget is more like $30. Well, the dollar store crafter will figure out a way to get the PB look for less!

For Example: In this photo (to the right), I built my PB-inspired storage bed using free plans from Ana White and spent about $150 on materials. When I shopped around for baskets to put in the storage under the bed, I found out it would cost me at least $250 to purchase baskets to fill the space, so I found a way to make these boxes for just $2 each.

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  • Barbarilla

    I think you had a good idea but the color combo is hideous! You could glue or staple some fabric onto boxes for a nicer effect.

  • Fatcat

    I don’t think the orange is hideous, but I do think the room needs orange in other places, maybe pillows or wall art.

  • heather

    @barbarilla ha ha, thanks for the input. You’re right, this isn’t the best example of classy decor! The point is the boxes, not the whole room, but I definitely do need to finish the decor plan. :)

    @fatcat, thanks for the input. :)

  • Deanna

    Heather, I think that those boxes are genius! My husband and I are looking to trade-up for a platform bed with storage, and I’m inspired by your thriftiness! Now that we’re empowered to make a new bed (with storage!) ourselves, we will remove “grown-up bed” from our Christmas list and replace it with “NOOK eReader” and “Wii” post-haste!

  • Janice

    The boxes are great, but I think I’d grab a can of spray adhesive and cover them with pretty paper or fabric.

  • tharrinne

    Who cares about the boxes?! The ideas are brilliant! I love it!

  • Jonna

    I am quite sad to see the mean comments. What a wonderful thing you do, especially for women like myself. Young,on a budget and trying to create our first home together.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas.

  • Jessica

    I think this is a genius idea!! I for one, love the orange, but am finding odd how this is about being thrifty and the boxes, not the color scheme. Perhaps those you who don’t have anything nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all hmm?? I am amazed at the brilliant-ness of this idea!!

  • Nina

    I 100% agree with ya Jessica, the point wasnt to show off a ready for mag photo shoot room! Love cheap/easy storage options. and the orange!

  • Gracii

    My Favorite color is ORANGE!!! :D I think its awesome!

  • Jenny

    Agreed on the above comments. You can tell a lot of love went into this project and I, for one, appreciate you sharing your ideas with us. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  • QH

    Great ideas here. But, to stick with the Dollar Store savings ideas, use their inexpensive contact paper or in the house supply aisle, those
    stick on wall decorations things too. Combine with the contact paper or with clear contact paper from Dollar Store, make your own contact paper to cover boxes. Lots of options in the store.


  • Cheryl Aucoin

    I love the orange boxes! people should stop being so afraid of color!

  • nicki

    I didn’t even notice the boxes at first. I loved the picture idea behind the bed! creative!

  • June

    no need to be rude. If you don’t like something, keep it to yourself and don’t do it. I think it’s beautiful.

  • shaun cotnam

    Wow, can you say CRITICAL ! If you haven’t got something nice to say then don’t say anything at all!!

  • Linds

    I was wondering what is the thing hanging on the wall (behind the bed) and whats required to make it?

  • Teresa

    Love the color, and it looks like the thing hanging on the wall could be made up of clothes line and clothes pins. Awesome Idea!

  • Mary S

    I LOVE your site!!! Thank you for showin off your bed, and for giving us the link to Ana’s site – I will be using the plans for this bed soon (along with your boxes for underneath), and likely some of the other projects she has on her site!

  • Bekster

    I think the idea is awesome! For those of you who have a problem with the color, remember: this wasn’t your room to begin with. She has given you an idea that you can choose to take a run with or stew over the small stuff. If you want these boxes, do them to your own specifications. They don’t have to look just like hers (but I love the orange, as I love all bright colors!), this is just her helping you turn your room from drab to fab with little to no effort and money :)

  • Darian

    Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for an inexpensive, creative way to create storage in every room in the house and you’ve saved my life. I definitely plan on coming back more often for other terrific ideas.

  • Mod Podge Amy

    Love it for the bedroom and also for the craft room – I have a ton of fabric that needs bins . . . also love the orange like everyone else!

  • Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

    Nice job on your bed and the bins Heather! Way to build it for less. Thanks for sharing ;-).

  • Crazycatlady

    Awesome project! And good grief, people- she’s not asking for your opinion on her color scheme- she’s sharing how to do the boxes on the cheap. If you read the whole thing, you’ll see that she did, indeed, paint the boxes. In the color she chose. Let it go.

    Thanks for the links and the tips!

  • Jane


  • CS

    Love the orange and grey combo!!