Here’s a snazzy dollar store craft we can all get behind: make large scale string art with some strategically-placed thumbtacks (or nails) and a skein of yarn. Large impact for little or no money! The sunny mural in the photo looks like it makes a great focal point for this nursery, and I bet if you used a darker yarn color, it would be even more dramatic. Project found at Prudent Baby. [find out how to make a string art mural]

You could also use jute string for a more rustic look (I know a lot of you love the jute!). You can configure your pins in nearly any shape, so think past the sun shape (which is cool, granted, but it might not be your thing.) How about a large monogram?

Project Estimate:

  • Thumbtacks or nails, on hand or $1
  • Yarn, on hand or $1

Total: FREE and up