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i love cheap partiesI’m in awe of those who can plan a truly fabulous party, but those who can plan a fabulous party on a small budget impress me even more! The Dollar Store Party is all about having maximum fun for minimum cost. The Dollar Store party planner uses free tools like planning, budgeting, and shopping around to get the biggest impact for her buck. She collects great ideas and carries them out with style and frugality. Check out our tips for planning a great party for cheap:

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Dollar Store Party Tutorials

  • Julia Peterson


    Please add me to your email list.

  • Tina Kelly


    I need ideas for my sons Graduation party in June he is into race cars

  • Bonnie


    great ideas! thanks I just wanted to add dont forget the Pass the present game where you take a gift wrap in different papers or one sheet in and one sheet out play music and when the music stops that child who has the gift takes off a layer and you do this until the last layer is removed :)

  • Tracey


    I wish someone would post some dollar store christmas party ideas tips and tricks!

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