Over at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page, reader Erika asked for decoration ideas: I am planning a victorian style tea party for my daughters 4th birthday. I have already started on the goodie bags which currently include a white woven purse, pearl necklace/bracelet/earings set. Flimsy straw like hats (I still need to glue the flowers to them). I still need to pick up boas and scarfs. Any ideas on the decorations? I have lots of silk flowers and the table clothes already.

My quick decoration ideas:

  • Silhouettes (this would also be a fun activity idea for the party-goers–make their silhouettes)
  • Check the wedding section at the dollar store for lacy doilies and other frilly white stuff
  • Make two-layer gathered streamers out of white and/or pink
  • Victorian cones (another fun activity idea)

Your turn, readers!