Here’s a five-minute project that will thrill your snack-food loving party guests. Convert an oversized cheese ball container into a smiling jack-o’-lantern that will add instant festivity to your party buffet. This is perfect for a casual party, a party at work, or anywhere cheese balls are an acceptable party food. I found this giant tub of cheese balls at Target for about $5.

Project Estimate:

  • Large container of orange snack food, $5
  • Black construction paper, vinyl, duct tape, self-stick craft foam or contact paper, on hand
  • Scissors

Total: $5

To make this fun Halloween container, cut out eyes, nose, and a jack-o’-lantern mouth (scary or friendly, your call! this is just as fun as deciding how to carve your pumpkins) from your chosen material — just use whatever you have on hand. If you cut the facial features out of paper, glue them to the tub with hot glue. If you cut them out of vinyl, self-stick craft foam, contact paper or duct tape, they’ll stick all by themselves.

I cut out two different faces and put them on opposite sides. If you remove the container labels (definitely much more klassy), you’ll have four surfaces to decorate.