I’m in awe of those who can plan a truly fabulous party. If party-planning doesn’t come naturally to you, I’ve collected some quick tips to help you plan amazing parties (and save money doing it). But first, the inspiration for this post, Shelley’s Sweet Shoppe party over at How Does She – her adorable twins had the best.first.birthday.ever with this amazing sugary pink party. All photos by Kara Jo Photography. [check out this adorable pink party at How Does She?]

Quick Tip: Make ruffled streamers and hang them in sweet stripes as a background for your party

Choose a theme… and stick to it

One thing I’ve noticed in the party posts we all drool over is that the planners choose a theme and do not deviate. In order to make maximum impact, every detail of the party must serve the theme.

Saving Money: a theme helps you save money because it eliminates excess components that don’t fit in your theme. It gives you direction for where to spend your money, and what items to include in the party.

Now, being the social/squishy person I am, I have to remind you that the MAIN theme of any party is the person it’s being planned for. In your quest to create the perfect party, please don’t forget the guest of honor (and the rest of your guests). Make sure the experience is great for everyone by focusing on the guests, including yourself, on the day of the party. Nobody likes a partyzilla. Which brings us to my next point:

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