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Quick Tip: A candy buffet does triple duty as decor, dessert, and party favors

Making stuff = cheaper, but more time consuming

Every component of a party costs you, either in time or money (or both). Some homemade things are worth the time and effort, and some are not. For me personally, a homemade cake is worth the several hours it takes to make and decorate. It might be a different story for you! If you are short on cash, making as much of your decor, food, and favors is a great way to save money but still have a great party.

If you are short on time, spending a little more cash will help you get the look you want and alleviate some of the stress of making everything.

If you are short on both time and money, choose a few strategic items and repeat them as many times as possible. Repetition is a core element of art and design; more always makes a bigger statement.

Quick Tip: Ribbon and labels are a cheap and pretty way to add layers of detail to your party

Spending Money: Shelley bought some of her party decor items from Chickabug’s Etsy shop. This is a great sub-point: if you are going to spend money on special party items, consider going to the little guy before you go to Wal-mart. I know this blog is about shopping at the dollar store, but I am a huge fan of indie business. If you have twenty bucks to drop at Target, how much would that twenty bucks bless an independent shopkeeper?

But back to repetition and strategic items

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