It’s been awhile since we’ve come up with dollar store crafty ideas for a party theme. You all have such great input. I have a good one for you today, so get your brainstorms ready! Reader Crista at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page asked for some help:

I am planning a Alice and wonderland Costume party for my soon to be 4 yr old in October and need ideas on how to do this inexpensively.

Tea Party: First thing I think of for an Alice in Wonderland theme is a mad tea party! Your 4 year-old is definitely old enough to enjoy a tea party (I have been doing small tea parties with my sons since they were 18 months old, and at about 2-1/2 they really get into it and are able to pour tea, etc.). If you already have a tea set and tea cups, then you’re halfway there. If you don’t, maybe a miniature tea set would be a good gift for your child.

Serving Tray: I love the serving tray shown above (found at, made with plates, tea cups, and a teapot. You can easily make these using the instructions from the tiered serving tray, but use mismatched tea service stuff (find it at the thrift store).

Eat Me Cakes: Use the Twinkie Bon-Bon instructions to make adorable bite-sized cakes (just write “eat me” with a fine decorating tip or edible marker). I also like the Eat Me cakes at Sprinkle Bakes. You can also serve any kind of cupcake or cake and just put it on a paper doily marked “eat me.” You can get large packs of doilies in the wedding section of the dollar store. (I like this pretty pastel doily-dyeing project at Decor to Adore, too).

“Rabbit Ear” Headbands: I like these fashion-inspired headbands, and I think they’d be fun party favors for an Alice in Wonderland party. Find out how to make them at Chic Steals.

Additional Resources:

Now it’s your turn! What are your great ideas for an Alice in Wonderland party?