Photo by Alexa Westerfield, Swell Designer

Dollar store crafters and party gurus, reader Alexia needs some help!


I follow your blog and love so many of your ideas.  I was wondering if I could ask you for your help.  My daughter will be 16 soon and wants to have a “rave” themed sweet 16 party.  I’m looking for some ways to decorate that will fit her theme and not break the bank.
My daughter has suggested  covering the walls with black paper and then handing out neon chalk so the kids can write on it.  Beyond that everything is up in the air.  Table coverings, table decorations, menu, etc.


When I think of raves, I think of loud techno music, dark rooms with colorful lights and splashes of paint under black lights.

My tips for must-have rave items from the dollar store:

  • Glow sticks
  • Bubbles (maybe the little ones from the wedding section?)
  • Novelty candy like ring pops and baby bottle pops

Now it’s your turn, readers! Help Alexia plan the perfect rave theme party on a budget!