I love this idea! Make a rustic “woodland chic” cake stand with a few slices of wood. How pretty are these? They would be amazing for a wedding, or any party where a little rustic charm is needed. Project by Once Wed. [click here for instructions] [via Threadbanger]

You will need to get to the craft store (check the woodburning section) to find cross-cut wood plaques, and will want to scavenge some tree limbs when someone in your neighborhood is pruning (or maybe it’s time to add “prune tree limbs” to your honey-do list!). You will need to pick up some wood glue to add to your crafting arsenal. You can find faux flowers at your dollar store.

Project Estimate:

  • Cross-cut wood plaque, $3.50
  • Tree limbs cut into sections, on hand or go find some!
  • Wood glue, on hand

Total: $3.50