pebble mat

The other day, reader N sent me a link to this CB2 Pebble Mat and said she didn’t have time to work on the project now, but that it would be a fun dollar store craft. I agreed with her: it would be fun (and also, I don’t have time right now either! So many ideas, so little time.) As luck would have it, I stumbled across this project, posted by Meli Melo at After I Finish This Row. She’s already done it for us, so I get to post about it, and you get to make your own! You can use the multicolored river rocks like Meli did, or as reader N noted, Dollar Tree has black river rocks available as well. [click here for how to make a river rock pebble mat]

Project Estimate:

  • 2 bags of river stone pebbles, $2
  • 1 placemat or suitable sturdy fabric cut to preferred size, $1
  • e6000, on hand

Total: $3

Additional Resources and Ideas: