This mobile is a great way to bring some mid-century modern into your home for less than a buck. Yep! I said a buck. In fact, if you work from materials in your stash, or your recycling bin, your only expense will be the two pennies you use to weigh the mobiles down. I used two main colors for the two sides of the mobile, plus a couple accent colors , so when the mobile hangs freely in the air, the pieces rotate gently and the look of the mobile constantly changes.

I love this print by artist Jenn Ski. I am in love with her color choices, the shapes, and the way she put them all together. I bookmarked the print months ago, and recently found it again and was inspired to create a mobile for myself, using the print as inspiration. (In a separate incident last year, I bought some of Jenn’s awesome Actopus To Zelephant paper products at Michael’s. I didn’t even know they were by the same artist! I am a confirmed fan of Jenn’s now!) She’s a terrific artist, and Jenn is also a super nice person, and she graciously agreed to let me share my mobile instructions and templates with you. Because this project is based on another artist’s work, please use these instructions only for personal use (no selling mobiles based on this pattern.)

A few weeks ago I got a Cricut Expression (if you aren’t familiar with Cricuts, they look like a printer, but they cut lines instead of printing them) from another crafter, and I found out about a software called Sure Cuts-a-Lot, which allows you to cut any shape you want using the Cricut. This mobile was my first project using Sure Cuts-a-Lot. I have to use the software a little more before I review it for you, but let me just say, in a word, love.

I have been on a cut-out-paper project kick for a few months anyway, and the Cricut reduces production time (read: tracing and cutting) from hours to minutes. I was able to make this mobile in about an hour, from making the shapes on my illustration program, to cutting them on the Cricut, to assembling the mobile.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a Cricut. You can do this project without one. You can even do it without a printer. I’ll tell you how to do it no matter what tools you have at your disposal.

But first, the

Project Materials:

  • 2-4 pieces of 12×12″ card stock, $.50 each
    (OR) recycled cardboard like cereal boxes, on hand
  • Page of text, (like newspaper, love letter, book page, etc.) on hand
  • Fishing line or thread, on hand
  • 2 pennies, $.02
  • Craft glue
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors, X-acto knife, or Cricut with Sure Cuts-A-Lot
  • (optional) Computer printer
  • (optional) 2 rings (like binder rings) for mounting, $1

Total: $.02 and up

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