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These instructions are for making two mobiles that can be displayed together. Because they are assembled in a straight line, there is no need for balancing.

To Make:

1. Get the template. Choose your template from this list:

  • Cricut/Sure Cuts-A-Lot Users: Download the .svg file (it’s a zip file–you’ll need to unzip it before you can use it):
  • Print & Cut: Print each of these templates on 2 colors of 8.5×11″ cardstock (PDF files)
  • Freehand: download the templates above if necessary, and refer to templates to draw your shape templates on cardstock

2. Cut the shapes out of cardstock. Cut each shape out of 2 colors of cardstock to make double-sided mobile pieces (I used black and tan).

  • Cricut: Use 2 pieces of 12×12″ cardstock with your Cricut
  • Print & Cut AND Freehand: Use 4 pieces (in 2 colors) of 8.5×11″ cardstock. Print with printer (or freehand), and cut all pieces out with X-acto knife or scissors.

3. Using your preferred method, cut at least 2 shapes out of accent color (I used red and printed text).

4. Lay mobile pieces out in desired order, putting like shapes of different colors together.

5. Cut an 18-24″ length of thread or fishing line for each mobile.

6. Glue or tape a penny securely to the inside of the bottom piece of the mobile. Leave a little space around the perimeter of the piece so you can glue the two sides together. Securely glue or tape the thread starting from the penny and coming out of the center top of the piece. You might want to burnish the tape against the thread to make sure it is secure (especially for fishing line, which is slippery).

7. Continue taping/gluing pieces of mobile (make sure you tape onto the wrong side of the pieces, if you care what side of the cardstock shows) onto the thread in order.

8. For Mobile #1, you will take a small piece of thread and tape the bottom piece to the bottom of the large shape. You will then take the long  piece of thread and tape the circle (with the penny in it) inside the cut-out section of the large piece, and extend the long thread out the top of the large shape (I didn’t do this in the photo, but I should have). The circle will then be free-floating inside of the large piece.

9. When all the pieces are taped onto the thread, glue the corresponding pieces (in the different cardstock colors) to the taped pieces, covering up the tape and the threaded part.

10. For mounting, you can tie the thread at the top of the mobile to a ring if desired and hook the ring on a ceiling-mounted hook. I just stapled mine to the ceiling.