You’ll never guess what these vintage-looking flower pins are made of! Christine made them at her blog Jane Avion, and although you would swear they are made of metal and enamel, they are made from stuff you already have at your home. Intrigued? What do you think it could be? Well, before I tell you let’s just discuss how you could use these pretty pins. You could put them on your lapel, or pin one to a headband. I think they’d make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts. Speaking of Mother’s Day, are you going to take your mom out for a Mother’s Day pedicure? Speaking of pedicures, have you guessed how to make these flowers yet? [click here for how to make these Faux Enamel Flower Pins]

Project Estimate:

  • Pine cones, on hand
  • Nail polish, on hand or $1
  • Wood glue, on hand
  • Glue gun, on hand
  • Safety pins, on hand or $1

Total: FREE and up