We all love dressing up for Halloween, and many of us don’t know what to do for our pets. Costumes for them can be expensive, and many won’t fit larger dogs (like my rottie!). Hopefully the pictures and links below will give you some inspiration!

Frog costume
This appears to have been a child’s costume that they used on their small dog [photo via theCHIVE]
Star Trek Enterprise
I give the owners and the dog big props on this one. I wonder if the poor thing could move?! [photo via Geekologie]
Harry Potter Dog
If you watched Harry Potter, you’ll know what this is supposed to be. Read more. [photo via Geek Stir]
Bobby the banana split
Find out about how the owner of this dog in a wheelchair didn’t let its disability keep him from celebrating Halloween! [Photo via Make and Build Dog Stuff]
pork and beans
This isn’t a dog, but I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. The costume is “Pork and Beans.” That therapy pig sure does put up with a lot! [photo by tlcpiggy via Martha Stewart]
Kona Halloween
Last year, I went as candy corn, and our rottweiler, Kona, went as a candy corn princess. Everything she’s wearing was from the Dollar Tree, or was something I printed out!
Kona's Costumes
But at our house, we don’t just dress her up on Halloween. Any day is an excuse to dress her up. Here are a few of her best shots!


Be sure to visit Martha Stewart’s site for user-submitted photos of their doggies dressed up for the holiday!

OMIDOG also has a page with doggie costume ideas.

Niqqi has four easy costume ideas with instructions in English and Spanish.

Squidoo has a whole page dedicated to dog costumes that includes pictures, links to how-tos, costumes for you and your pet and ready-made costumes you can buy.