How to make a strawberry costume for kids of all ages. This quick and easy Halloween costume is cute for small kids, but can be adapted for older kids or even adults. You can make this halloween costume very quickly, and I have instructions for sewing and no-sew versions. I also have a modification to make it into a onesie. I made it of felt yardage, which is quite possibly the greatest costume fabric ever, because it’s easy to sew, doesn’t have to be hemmed, and is extremely inexpensive.

When I found out my oldest son wanted to be a piece of pizza for Halloween, and my second son wanted to be a candy corn, I thought, hey! those are both triangular foods! and wondered what I could make my youngest son that would fit the theme. Suggestions from the peanut gallery (aka Facebook), were varied but I thought a wedge of watermelon would be cute. Well, when I cut the costume out, it looked like watermelon. Kinda. It also looked like a strawberry (also a triangular food!), and even a little like a hot chili pepper (before I affixed the seeds).

When I held the costume up and asked my older boys what it looked like, one said strawberry and one said watermelon. So, consider this a versatile costume you can make into any of a number of red and green fruits or veggies. Or, omit the seeds and use it for a Christmas elf costume. Or, switch up the felt colors and make other types of triangular food (yellow and orange felt for a wedge of swiss cheese, or cream and tan with toppings for pizza, orange with black spots for a Dorito, etc.).

We decided to call it a strawberry. My youngest son just started walking, but he still crawls almost everywhere he goes, so I put a piece of velcro on the bottom of the point so I could fasten the costume onesie-style and it wouldn’t get in his way when he is crawling around in it.

Project Materials:

  • 1/2 yard of red felt yardage, $1.85 ($3.69 a yard)
  • 1/4 yard of green felt yardage, $.92
  • 1 sheet of black craft felt, $.25
  • Ribbon, on hand
  • Sewing stuff or hot glue stuff

Total: $3.02

These instructions are for a costume that will fit from 18 months to 3T. For larger sizes, increase the size of the triangle and rectangle.

1. Cut a triangle from red felt yardage about 18″ wide, with blunt corners. Leave about 4″ flat on the sides. Cut another matching one

2. Cut 2 rectangles of green felt yardage, 18″ wide, and about 4″ tall.

3. Sew green rectangle to top of red triangle, right sides together. Or hot glue instead of sewing. Repeat for other triangle and rectangle.

4. Fold flat sides of top of costume over, and hem or hot glue. These will be the sleeves.

5. Fold over and hem (or hot glue) diagonal sides of costume pieces.

6. Put the costume pieces right sides together. Sew shoulder seams as shown here, leaving 6″ unsewn in the middle. This will be the neck. Alternately, hot glue together.

7. Sew or hot glue bottom inch of sleeves together.

8. Cut a scoop in the front for the neck. Cut a straight line down the back about 6″ to make the hole big enough for little noggins to get through.

strawberry costume neck

9. Cut two pieces of ribbon, about 12″ long. Singe the ends with a flame to keep them from unraveling. Fold over top hem of back of costume. Sandwich ribbons in the end and sew or hot glue to secure. If desired, fold over collar area and hem or hot glue.

Here’s a back view.

Cut seed shapes out of black felt, and affix with hot glue.

To modify the costume into a onesie, put a scratchy piece of velcro on the inside front point of the costume. It will stick to the other side of the costume felt (no fuzzy velcro piece necessary) and work like a onesie, fastening between the legs.

Hat: If you want to make a hat, follow my instructions for the Pumpkin costume hat over at Amazing Moms.

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