Star Wars fans make costumes all year-round for various events, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of costumes from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away represented at Halloween. I found some handmade Star Wars Halloween costumes that I absolutely loved this week, so I’m writing a post this week highlighting some of the best. Check out my previous posts in the series: 25 Best Geeky Handmade Costumes, 9 Kids’ Food Costumes, 7 Handmade Lego Minifig Costumes, 6 Adorable Pixar Costumes.

Handmade Children’s Star Wars Costumes

Darth Vader Princess Costume by mayamagination on Craftster

By far the world’s cutest Darth Vader costume! This made me laugh out loud (joyfully) when I saw it. Love, love, love.

I was inspired by other images I had seen on the net of Darth Vader girl costumes, and thought what a perfect costume for my little girl! A combo of her favourite things! Pink, tutus, tiaras, and Star Wars!

Clone Armor and Yoda’s Little Sister (from here)

The author said: My kids both love Star Wars! I made Tristan his clone armor and Josie bacame Yoda’s little sister.

Sidenote: I love that she’s Yoda’s Little Sister, and also, I have a Yoda hat tutorial (not the same as in this photo, by the way)

Jawa Star Wars Costume (from here)

This is a great budget costume, and even uses some things you can get at the dollar store (battery operated tealights, gloves), and it was no-sew!

The creator says: Attached is a photo of my son as a Jawa from Star Wars. This is a homemade costume that my wife and I made for a whopping $7.60. It consists of burlap, a sheer black material, battery operated tea light candles (for eyes) and black gloves. Everything else we had including the belts, holster, pouches, and black sock (to cover arms). The whole costume was put together with a glue gun.

X-wing fighter pilot Luke costume (from here)

I like that this costume is less common than some of the other Luke iterations. Plus, you could go as Wedge Antilles if you wanted.

Yoda Kid Costume (from here)

High quality craftsmanship this has.  Impressive the Yoda hat is

The creator said: My son loves Star Wars, and LOVES Yoda, and I didn’t like the store bought ones, so I made my own!

Princess Leia Toddler Costume (from here)

Princess Leia has never looked so sweet!

The creator said: We did a Star Wars themed Halloween this year, and our Princess made a perfect Leia. Yarn buns were perfect since she didn’t have enough of her own hair.

Darth Vader Homemade Costume at JGoode

Artist Jen Goode handmade her son’s Darth Vader costume, including the mask, which she made with papier-mache and cereal boxes.

Speaking of handmade Star Wars headgear, Lindsey from Filth Wizardry made this incredible stormtrooper mask from recycled milk jugs!

Recycled Milk Jug Stormtrooper Mask