I recently took part in a Star Wars crafting swap on Craftster.org. While I was working on another project, I came up with this idea, using a green fleece blanket from the dollar store that I found in my arsenal of dollar store crafting supplies. The Yoda hat is a quick and easy project, and you can make three or four of them from one dollar store blanket, making them quite the bargain!

Project Estimate:

  • Fleece blanket, $1
  • Buttons, on hand
  • Sewing machine, thread, etc., on hand

Total: $1

To Cut:

  • For each “ear” – 2 long triangular pieces (4 pieces total)
  • 2 half-oval shaped pieces about 10 inches wide
  • 2 rectangular pieces about 10×3 inches

To Make:

1. Sew triangular pieces together, right sides together, then turn right-side out.
2. Lay one half-oval piece fleece side up.
3. Lay ear pieces on top of half-oval, facing in, with raw edges.
4. Lay other half-oval piece fleece side down on top of ear pieces.

5. Pin around curved edges, and sew around curved edges.
6. Turn right-side out.

7. Sew rectangular pieces together at short edges (make sure you lay them right sides together before you sew).
8. Slip top piece inside rectangular sewn pieces, make sure right sides are facing each other.
9. Pin rectangular pieces to the bottom of the top piece.

10. Sew around pinned area.
11. Hem bottom edge of hat.
12. Add button eyes.

My son is modeling the hat for us. It’s a bit big for a toddler. Adjust measurements if making hat for kiddos.

Stay tuned for my other Star Wars crafts! I have four more to share with you, and one more full tutorial!