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Buttoned Valentine’s Day Card

20 January 2009 16,153 views 7 Comments

by heather

I have twenty pounds of buttons - literally! I got them at a garage sale for $5, and who can pass up a deal like that? Here's a wonderful way to use up colorful buttons AND make your Valentine's Day cards. (What? You don't make them anymore? You should! It's such a great way to let people know that you like them!)

K. Werner Design posted this sweet card made with buttons in the shape of a heart. It's so cute it hurts! You can also find pretty buttons at the dollar store to bolster your button stash. It's fun to make Valentine's Day crafts with stuff from the dollar store!

Project Estimate:

  • Buttons, $1 or on hand
  • Card stock, $1 or on hand
  • Glue, on hand
  • Red pen, on hand

Total cost: $2

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  • Vone said:

    It’s beautiful. I try to make Valentines with my little one every year. I still love Valentines even if others don’t.

  • Karen said:

    Oh so lovely, I plan to make one for my boy friend!
    Thank for sharing!

  • Julie said:

    What a beautiful card, a great idea, I love buttons and card making!
    Thanks for sharing
    x Julie x

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  • Candy said:

    I love your idea, but perhaps you can make it on a swatch of fabric and give it to a crafter. Maybe they would incorporate it on a quilt or a jacket or even in a picture. Lots of people don’t save cards and maybe they will save it that way. I love your idea.

  • Mistress Arawynn said:

    Absolutely adorable. I want to go through my massive button collection and make cards now. Thanks for sharing :)