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Make a Colonial Girl Apron

14 June 2009 3,239 views No Comment

by heather

Just Call Me Jamin hosts an American Girl Club in which dollar store crafts abound (all American Girl book themed, of course!). One week she provided a tea towel, some ribbon, and a needle and thread for each girl to make her own apron to go along with the book Felicity. I love spreading dollar store crafting to younger generations! [click here for full project information]

Jamin also has a lot of other good ideas that go along with the American Girl series, if you are interested. She has links to all her projects here: [click me] That's a whole lotta crafty American Girl fun!

The tea towel apron is a very simple project appropriate for grade school crafters. All that is required is to sew a casing along one end of the towel with a needle and thread, and then thread ribbon through the casing to create a tie.

Project Estimate:

  • Tea towel, $1
  • Ribbon, $1
  • Needle and thread, on hand

Total: $2

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