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Make a Gift Card Wreath

10 December 2009 15,650 views 6 Comments

by heather


Reader Amy of Gabriel's Good Tidings makes these cool gift card wreaths out of zero-balance cards. She collected a bunch of used Starbucks cards and made a colorful and festive wreath (that her local Starbucks is now displaying!) There are all kinds of other cards in your life you could use for this project: Metro Cards, or business cards could make a cool office display. I don't think I have to tell you it's a bad idea to use your expired credit cards, though! She shared her process for making the wreath below, and would also like to ask you, readers, to save your gift cards for her (with zero balance, of course) to use for this project.  She will reimburse you for any shipping and offer 10% off at her shop.

Project Estimate:

  • 18 gift cards, on hand
  • Foam wreath form, $1
  • Craft paper (or other paper), on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1
  • Hot glue

Total: $1 and up

Amy Says:

My wreath took about 18 gift cards.  I wrapped the green foam in craft paper for a cleaner finish and then hot glued the gift cards around the wreath.  I finished it off with a pretty bow and a ribbon loop to hang it with. I also think it would be fun to do a wreath with gift cards from all sorts of stores, or a wreath with all Christmas themed gift cards from one store.

Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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  • Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits said:

    That is a very creative idea! Love it!

  • Kathryn said:

    What a great way to upcycle old gift cards! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • krista said:

    I LOVE THIS! I love Starbucks and I always keep the cards….whatta great idea!!!

  • Shannon said:

    I just have a quick question… I myself have been playing with craft ideas using Starbucks gift cards (they are so pretty! and so many get thrown away). Do you think the company, or any other brands for that matter, would have a case against you if you sold a craft using their logo or old gift cards?
    Not like I’m planning a mass production… but a friend is making actual hand bags out of them, so the Starbucks logo is all over it.
    Just curious! I’m having trouble finding info! Thanks.

  • Romy @ Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits said:

    Interesting idea to make use of old greeting cards. And I have so many of them … my mom kept them all.

  • G said:

    You do realize you can grab however many you want from starbucks stores, right? I worked there for about two years on and off, and people are allowed to take them if they catch their eye. They don’t have to put money on them if they don’t want to. I have 928345712034589148590 laying all over the place.