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Quick Gift: Pot Holder Dish Towel

17 December 2009 26,702 views 3 Comments

by heather


Thanks to Jessica from Happy Together, one of my favorite bloggers! She always has such cute ideas, and I am happy to share this great last-minute and hostess gift idea with you. -Heather

Pot Holder Dish Towel Tutorial by Jessica Fediw, Oh So Happy Together

This is a super quick, in a hurry gift. It’s cute and practical. I especially love these because my daughter can’t yank it off of the stove!


What you need:

-1 pot holder (the ones I found at the dollar store had 2 in a pack!) $1

-1 dish towel $1

-1 Button (not too small) $1 or on hand

-10 strip of ribbon/yarn/elastic/twill tape/etc. on hand

-Optional: Scrap materials for embellishing it

How to make it

  1. The towel needs to be the same width as the pot holder, so gather the ends some if it is longer and pin in place.potapron2970
  2. Pin the middle of the pot holder to the middle of the dish towel, right sides together.potapron2971
  3. Sew straight down the middle and when the pot holder is folded it looks like this:potapron2972
  4. Pin the 10 inch piece of twill tape/etc. to the top middle back of the pot holder.potapron2973
  5. Sew in place.
  6. Hand sew on button to the front top middle.potapron2981
  7. Embellish if you like. I did some embroidery and added on a strand of pom poms, ribbon, and rick rack to the front bottom of the towel. (the pictures in the next email)potapron2979

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  • Care said:

    LOVE this!! I am so tired of picking my dish towels up off the floor. I will be doing this for sure!!

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  • Megan said:

    I just made and orange and black one for Halloween and it was super easy and I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so good in my kitchen.